How to manage users groups in TrueConf client application

Dimitry Zuykov

Users groups can be created and edited in the address book in all TrueConf desktop client applications. This article shows a simple guide on how to manage user groups in TrueConf for Windows. However, this procedure is the same for TrueConf for Linux and macOS.

Please note that user groups are not supported in TrueConf mobile applications yet.

How to create a new group

Press triangle button next to All Users and choose Create Group.

Here, you can enter group name and select users. After that press Save button below.


How to manage groups

To change how address book is displayed, press triangle button next to All Users.

Here you can:

  • filter display users: all / online / group;


  • change display method: all users can be displayed together or separated by groups. In the latter case you can open context edit menu by right-clicking the group name title.


How to invite a users group to a conference

To invite a user group into a conference, proceed to users group list and press Invite to conference in a pop-up menu. You will be forwarded to the menu of creating a conference.

In the same way, you may invite a user group into an active video conference if you are its owner.



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