# How to make phone calls

You can call a phone number in the user profile, in the search field or in the address book dialer.

Phone calls will be possible only if your TrueConf Server is integrated with a PBX or VoIP service.

# Calls from user profile

If the phone number is specified in the user profile, you can click on the field with the number and the application will start a call to the user in the following format: #tel:phone_number:


# From the address book search field

Enter a phone number in the international format in the search field. Next, click the Call button in the menu that appears below. For example, you can dial +1 (833) 878-32-63 to call TrueConf sales department.


You can also call extension numbers connected to your PBX.

For example, if a user's internal number is 910, to call this contact in the client application address book, you need to enter a number in the format #tel:910 in the search bar. To make a call to external devices or a server, use a call string in the format appropriate for this type of recipient. Next to the filtered address book list, a new, dimmed line will pop-up at the top, just like when entering a regular username. You can interact with it just as you would interact with the others.

Types of supported devices and call examples: SIP devices (including the cases when DTMF is used), H.323 devices and RTSP devices.

You can send DTMF commands to the devices that support them.

To test the DTMF dialing feature, make a test call, for example, to #sip:thetestcall@getonsip.com. When DTMF commands are sent, the dialed numbers are returned and voiced by a bot.


# From the dialer

You can call a phone number from TrueConf client applications for Windows, Linux, macOS or Android by using the dialer. In the dialer window you can also view the list of the users whose phone numbers are added on TrueConf Server.

In TrueConf client application, you can access the dialer by clicking on the button located on the top panel: /docs/client/media/gui/dialer_button/en.png.