TrueConf Server Name

TrueConf Server Name is a symbolic name designed to identify TrueConf Server in a network. The server name can be used to run video conferences with users of federated TrueConf Server instances or for SIP/H.323 endpoint integration (e.g. Polycom endpoints). 

How to set server name

Server name is generated automatically in the control panel upon TrueConf Server registration. Standard server name has the following format: <server_id>, where <server_id> is server ID. Server name can be changed; instead, you can set domain name for your TrueConf Server instance.

TrueConf Server name

Upon successful registration the server name is shown in the upper part of TrueConf Server control panel:

TrueConf server control panel

Server name can be changed only during TrueConf Server re-registration. To re-register your TrueConf Server, it is advised to contact our technical support.

How to use server name to connect with other TrueConf Server instances

When creating an account on TrueConf Server, the user gains TrueConf ID that includes server name (assigned automatically). For example, TrueConf ID of the user nataly on the server will look like:

TrueConf server add user

Thanks to this format you can identify users of federated TrueConf Server instances.

Federation is available for all paid TrueConf Server licenses. Separate license is not required.

To enable federation, TrueConf Server must be accessible for other TrueConf Server instances by its name, while its name has to contain its existing domain account.

To learn more about making calls and conferences among federated TrueConf Server instances, read our blog post.