Server Name Meaning

Alina Krukova
December 17, 2014
Alina Krukova

Each TrueConf Server has its own name (Server Name, Server ID) which is used as its address in the DNS record. Today you will learn what server name means, why you need it and how you can connect with other TrueConf servers by means of it. We will also provide answer on changing server name at your own.

What does a Server Name Mean?

A unique server name is assigned to every registered TrueConf Server. The name is assigned when registering and entering the registration key to the server control panel. The server name is generated automatically by default but it can be changed manually:


After the successful registration of the server, its name will be displayed at the top of the control panel page:


In addition to third level domain name, user can set fourth or higher level domain name when registering, for instance

Why Do You Need to Know the Server Name of Your Server?

  • Tech Support. If you contact TrueConf tech support on licensing issues, extra capabilities and troubleshooting, the first thing our specialists will ask you is your Server Name or your Server ID. Knowing it, they will promptly find information on your server and advise you on your issues.
  • Conferencing with external TrueConf servers. Users registered with other TrueConf servers can invite to group conferences users of any server when indicating their full name including the Server Name.
  • Integration with SIP devices. With support for SIP protocol, users of third-party devices (for instance, Polycom or IP PBX) can call the users of your TrueConf server. We give instructions on it here.

The Role of Server Name in TrueConf ID

After user account has been created on the server, the user is assigned with TrueConf ID. Server name will automatically become a part of your TrueConf ID. For example, TrueConf ID of nataly on the server will be displayed as

This format is necessary to distinguish between the users of different servers (see below).


How Can Users of the External Servers Call a User of Your TrueConf Server?

Federation is a service that enables users to make calls and hold video meetings between users of different servers and TrueConf services and SIP.

Federation feature is available for every licensed version of TrueConf Server and does not require any additional license.

Federation requires:

  • federation option must be enabled for every server license to start using federation;
  • ability to establish connection between your server and other servers and users of the federation. That is, your server should be available for other servers at its name specified when registering, which should be an existing DNS record. The ability to call external users is specified by the administrator of the server.

How to Change TrueConf Name?

This can only be done when re-registering the server. In this case, you will need to perform additional actions to move data from the previous TrueConf Server instance to a new one. We do not recommend doing it without TrueConf technical support help.

Read here on installing and registering a server in 15 minutes.

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