TrueConf Server: Group policies

Alina Krukova
August 13, 2015
Alina Krukova

TrueConf Server allows you to arrange users into groups (for example: Sales or Marketing Department), providing you with an ability to invite the whole group when starting a Group Conference. This option is a great timesaver as there is no need to invite each contact individually, search for colleagues from different departments in the Address Book of TrueConf Client.

Creating a new group on TrueConf Server

Open tab Groups at Control Panel, add a name to your group in the corresponding field and click Create:

Group name

Adding group members

Click on the Group name, and add members in Participants of the Group section:

Participants of the group

Group policies configuration


  • Address book editing;
  • Making Calls;
  • Using Collaboration Tools;
  • Independent Group creation by new users

By default, all options are enabled. Uncheck to disable an option by left mouse click:

Address book editing

Setup the Address Book for group members. Click the Setup link. In newly opened menu of the Address Book for *Group name* choose which users should be displayed:

  • All users (registered on your server);
  • User Groups (if any; multiple choice available);
  • No One (choosing this option will erase all other contacts (except for group members) from the Address book of the group members).

When the setup is done, click Apply:

Address book for Sales

Groups will be displayed todesktop applications users only. Displaying groupson mobile applications will be added in newer versions.

Creating and managing groups with TrueConf Client

There is no way of creating and managing groups with TrueConf Client. This action is performed by TrueConf Server administrator only.

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