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Are conference calls really free?

In today's high-tech world, free video calls allow us to stay in touch with friends and loved ones wherever they are. Video conferencing technologies are also critical for productive business workflow, especially now when many organizations heavily rely on remote employees. Video meeting solutions can be a powerful tool to bring your team together and boost collaboration.

Free video calling platforms generally feature:

The modern market offers multiple solutions that allow users to communicate and collaborate for free. For example, TrueConf Server is a secure platform for time-unlimited meetings with great productivity tools: team messaging, screen sharing, slideshow, recording, and much more. The software also provides a paid plan with advanced features (integration with IP telephony, H.323/SIP endpoints, support for SMTP, offline operation, etc.) in case your business has grown out of the free plan.

How do companies profit from free video calling?

Companies that provide free conference call services make money mostly from selling subscriptions with advanced features. Paid plans are more suitable for large enterprises, because they offer more collaboration tools, remove license restrictions, provide 24/7 technical support and high-quality data protection.

How do you profit from free video calls?

Premium video conferencing platforms usually offer:

What's the best free video call app and what should it feature?

When choosing a free video conferencing service, you should always consider your communication needs. If remote meetings are a top priority for your company, you should look for services that provide smooth and reliable operation and high-quality video and audio. If telephony is the main focus for your organization, then you should look for a solution that supports SIP/H.323 protocols and easily integrates with your enterprise PBX.

You need to identify a number of priority features which will determine the choice of video communication platform. You can also read reviews about available solutions before making a decision to use one of them. Check the comparison chart here.

Free tier

Small businesses usually can't afford to adopt expensive software.So, at the beginning, you may opt for a free video conferencing solution. Later you can easily switch to a paid plan with an extended number of features if the current service no longer meets the growth needs of your business.

Ease of use

At the initial stages of development, businesses often do not have the opportunity to hire an IT specialist who can set up a complex video conferencing system. That's why a good video calling platform should always be user-friendly.

TrueConf solutions do not require special IT skills and work right off the shelf. Our tech support is always ready to help you deal with any possible issue.

Advanced collaboration tools

A wide range of collaboration tools is critical for companies of any size. In addition to regular calls, you may also need other features, such as screen sharing, conference recording, slideshow, instant messaging, etc. That's why we recommend that you use an all-in-one video collaboration solution, which will greatly facilitate the work process.


When it comes to personal data or sensitive corporate information, cybersecurity becomes critical. Some business details shared virtually can be leaked and used for malicious purposes. So, video conferencing software must be secure enough to prevent such situations.

Online Conference Call Solutions

Online conferencing solutions are used in distance learning, telemedicine, consulting services, etc. However, online format has some shortcomings:

On the other hand, events hosted with meeting online solutions have their own advantages. For example, you can ask questions or post comments in the chat without distracting the speaker. It is also possible to record the event so that everyone can view it at any convenient time. This will help attract a larger audience, and increase the number of potential clients and partners.

Free Conference Calls TrueConf

How do I start using a free conference call?

You need to install and register TrueConf Server Free, create accounts for your colleagues and send them login details or share a conference link. Read our guide for more details.

The procedure will look like this

Download, install, and register TrueConf Server.

Create accounts for your employees in the User accounts section.

Send login details to your employees and share a link to your guest page where they can download client apps for all major OS.

Start video conferencing right away!

How to connect to a conference?

You can join a TrueConf free video conference in one of the following ways:

The principle of international conference communication

International conference calls

One of the main advantages of video calls is that meeting participants are not tied to a specific location. In other words, you can stay in touch with family, colleagues and partners from other countries for free. All you need is to create a meeting and send a conference link to all participants. Moreover, you can always schedule a meeting in advance for a convenient day and time.

Start making free video call with TrueConf Server

TrueConf Server provides 4K meetings for up to 1,000 participants, advanced collaboration tools and team messaging capabilities. This self-hosted platform stores all user information locally and encrypts all media streams end-to-end, preventing any risk of personal data leakage. All of these makes TrueConf a perfect choice for both small and big teams.

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