Scheduling Recurring Meetings

Plan in advance for recurring meetings at times that are convenient for you. With TrueConf it's quick and easy! Hold an instant meeting or schedule a series of meetings with advanced features for your team: add meeting participants, set up custom video layouts, enable video recording, send out email and calendar invitations with all the details your attendees need to know. Whether you need to schedule a meeting in the office or on the go, you and your guests will have all the features available on any device!

Schedule a recurring meeting

Holding recurring meetings of all kinds



Programa reuniones únicas o recurrentes y establece la hora y la fecha de inicio.

Programación de reuniones


Programa reuniones únicas o recurrentes y establece la hora y la fecha de inicio.

Sala virtualSala virtual

Sala virtual

Crea un espacio de reunión permanente si no tienes un horario específico que seguir. La sala virtual con una URL única estará siempre disponible para que tus colegas se conecten.

Pública o privadaPública o privada

Pública o privada

Haz tu conferencia pública si quieres invitar a personas o usuarios no autorizados a unirse a tu reunión, o crea una conferencia privada sólo para los miembros de tu equipo.

Programar reuniones es fácil

Programar reuniones es fácil

Libera a tu administrador de TI de las pesadas responsabilidades: con TrueConf, se tarda unos segundos en programar y gestionar tus reuniones. La programación de conferencias está disponible en el panel de control de TrueConf Server, en la página de invitados o directamente desde tu aplicación cliente.

Integración de calendario

Integración de calendario

¡Envía invitaciones por correo electrónico y exporte tus reuniones a cualquier calendario con un solo clic para que nunca haya una doble reserva! Los participantes de la conferencia pueden unirse a reuniones directamente desde un evento del calendario o una invitación por correo electrónico. Todos los detalles importantes de los eventos están ahí cuando los necesites, ya sea desde un ordenador, teléfono o sala de conferencias.

Gestión remota de reuniones

TrueConf ofrece una capacidad de gestión de reuniones sin precedentes. ¡Añade o elimina participantes de la conferencia y gestiona tus dispositivos, asigna moderadores, habilita la grabación de la reunión y mucho más!

Llegó la hora

¿Por qué esperar más? Tanto si prefieres reuniones periódicas o reuniones sobre la marcha, estarás preparado con TrueConf. ¡Descarga la versión gratuita y comienza a realizar videoconferencias de inmediato!

Preguntas más frecuentes

What are recurring meetings?

Recurring meetings are pre-scheduled video conferences that automatically repeat over and over again at the same time and with the same credentials at a designated interval. The frequency of such meetings can range from daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or longer, depending on your needs.

The main advantage of recurring meetings is time saving: you do not need to schedule your event manually each time. This is also a great option for remote teams to check in and maintain accountability.

Types of recurring meetings

Recurring meetings are the most common type of conferences for many organizations. They can be divided into:

• All-hands meetings. All employees join a single video conference to discuss common business goals, general announcements and company updates.

• Scrum meetings. This is a quick team event where participants schedule their tasks for the working day and discuss possible related issues.

• Project check-ins. Recurring project meetings are used to discuss the current status of tasks, identify challenges, and eliminate errors in the early stages.

• Leadership meetings. This is a recurring gathering of senior management and executives in order to discuss and make critical business decisions.

• One-on-ones. A private meeting between a manager and a subordinate aimed at discussing professional progress.

• Team meetings. A scheduled conference where all team members report on the status of current tasks.

Benefits of scheduling recurring meetings

Recurring meeting are useful because they:

Save time: Spending one less hour a week scheduling meetings and coordinating time with all the participants will give you more time to do the really important tasks to move your business or project forward.

Help to track task progress: Recurring meetings keep each team member up to date and ensure that common projects move forward smoothly. In addition, such meetings often help to identify and fix problems early on.

Increase attendance: Employees schedule their work day keeping in mind scheduled meetings, so they have fewer excuses related to forgetfulness.

Boost efficiency: A predictable scenario of recurring meetings avoids awkward silences, drawn-out talks, and wasted time. Each participant knows the conference agenda and is prepared for the main topics of discussion.

Key considerations when scheduling recurring meetings

To make recurring meetings more effective, we advise you to determine the appropriate sequence of repetitions for your team:

• Equal duration repeats mean that there will be the same time period between the first scheduled meeting and each subsequent one.

• Specific day repeats mean that meetings will recur on certain days of the week.

• Specific date repeats mean meetings will recur on specific dates of the month or year.

Who can use recurring meeting scheduling tools?

Scheduling tools for recurring meetings are especially useful if you:

• Manage multiple projects and want to have regular check-ins with your team.

• Own business and want to schedule quarterly or annual board meetings in advance.

• Discuss the career progress of your staff for a certain period of time.

• Want to plan business meetings with current clients on a recurring basis.

• Need to schedule all-hands meetings as a C-suite professional.