Socios Tecnológicos

Nuestro objetivo consiste en proporcionarle soluciones de comunicaciones empresariales confiables y de alta calidad. Para lograr los mejores resultados, estamos cooperando activamente con los mejores fabricantes del mundo de equipos audiovisuales y soluciones de procesamiento de señales.

Phoenix Audio Technologies

Phoenix Audio Technologies is an Israel-based company and an innovator in the field of noise cancellation, echo suppression and beamforming technologies. The company develops and produces professional sound equipment designed for workplaces and conference rooms: microphone arrays, speakerphones and audio mixers.

Phoenix Audio Technologies solutions are completely compatible with all TrueConf client applications. All hardware buttons on speakerphones and conference phones are also supported. Phoenix Audio Technologies products are officially recommended by TrueConf.

Stem Audio

Stem Audio is a U.S. company that designs and manufactures innovative audio conferencing equipment. e.g. speakerphones, microphone ceilings, soundbars and control panels for meeting rooms of any size.

Stem Audio ecosystem is fully compatible with TrueConf software and is officially recommended by TrueConf.


Logitech is a world’s leading manufacturer of peripherals for PCs and Unified Communications systems. Most known as a leading webcam manufacturer.

Each webcam by Logitech is a small video conferencing endpoint with a built-in microphone and a video codec. Therefore, TrueConf applications can use them directly to reduce CPU load.
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Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate with a very wide range of products and services, predominantly musical instruments, AV equipment, electronics and power sports equipment. Yamaha fully satisfies its customers by offering quality products and services that incorporate new and traditional technologies as well as refined creativity and artistry

TrueConf software is integrated with Yamaha system solutions, including support for hardware buttons on Yamaha speakerphone. Yamaha products are officially recommended by TrueConf.


NVIDIA is a leader in the Visual Computing industry and one of the largest manufacturers of graphics processing and system logic units.

TrueConf cooperates with NVIDIA in the field of processing ultra-high definition signals and video signal processing optimisation on GPU. TrueConf 3D video conferencing solution is compatible with 3D Vision technology by NVIDIA.


CDNvideo is the leading provider of content delivery network services (CDN) in Eastern Europe

CDNvideo provides great availability (99.99%) and bandwidth capacity above 1 Tbps. TrueConf Server is fully integrated with CDNvideo cloud and provides one click video conferences streaming.


Intel is a digital device and PC component manufacturer, which also specializes in microprocessors and system logic components production. With its innovations, the company expands the limits of IT and stands behind the newest devices and cloud technologies.

All TrueConf products are optimized to work with modern Intel CPUs, GPUs and signal encoding/decoding units. This allows us to support UltraHD video conferencing without overloading user’s CPU or interrupting other applications performance.


AVer is a leading provider of education technology and visual collaboration solutions. The company specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of products ranging from visualizers (document cameras) and mobile device charge carts to HD video conferencing systems and conference cameras, and marketing of these products to over 100 countries around the globe.

Shared use of TrueConf video conferencing software and AVer video conferencing systems allows companies to expand the video conferencing scope, creating high quality unified communications solutions in different business areas.


Grandstream is one of the leading VoIP and video conferencing solutions providers. The company offers innovative solutions for small and medium enterprises, allowing users to cut costs, enhance communications security and improve business performance.

Grandstream products can be easily integrated with TrueConf solutions due to support for SIP open standard.


AVerMedia is a leading developer and manufacturer of multimedia equipment, e.g. TV-tuners, video surveillance systems, cameras, and digital converters.

Built-in or external capture cards by AverMedia are officially recommended by TrueConf to connect HDMI/DVI PTZ cameras, medical equipment and other signal sources to video conferencing systems.


Yealink is a global leading unified communications (UC) terminal solution provider. The company helps businesses of all sizes make the most of their UC experience and embrace the power of “Easy Collaboration.” Yealink One-stop UC Terminal Solutions unify voice, video and data, and satisfy diverse customer needs and usage scenarios. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio includes video conferencing systems, conference phones, desk IP phones, wireless DECT phones and accessories. Customers in more than 100 countries enjoy Yealink’s reliable UC terminal solutions through its well-established global sales and service network.


Cisco is a leading vendor of networking hardware, video conferencing and telecommunications equipment.

To achieve interoperability with Cisco solutions, we have officially added support for Open H.264 software library for real-time encoding and decoding video streams.


Poly is one of the leading manufacturers of video, voice and content collaboration and communication solutions.

To achieve interoperability with Poly equipment, we have officially licensed G.722.1 audio codec based on Polycom Siren® technology.

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the world’s largest community of engineers, service providers, vendors and data networking experts who deal with the development of the Internet architecture and its continuous operation.

TrueConf solutions utilize a modern scalable broadband Opus audio codec developed by IETF.


Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG is a German company that manufactures and distributes headphones, microphones, and conference systems for professional studio, stage, high-end music listening at home, on the go, and conference center applications.

Beyerdynamic conference systems (Quinta and Orbis lines) are fully compatible with TrueConf Weathervane.


Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG is a German company that develops, manufactures, and sells headphones and headsets, microphones, and integrated systems. It offers on-ear, over-ear, and in-ear headphones and headsets for sports, travel, music and entertainment, home audio and TV, gaming, DJ, assistive listening, Internet telephony and multimedia, studios, audiometry, broadcasting, and aviation applications.

Sennheiser ADN CU1 conference system is fully compatible with TrueConf Weathervane.


Shure Incorporated is an American corporation that manufactures microphones and audio electronics. It offers wireless systems, earphones, headphones, personal monitor systems, discussion systems, software, mixers and DSPs, phonograph cartridges, and accessories.

Shure DDS 5900 conference system is fully compatible with TrueConf Weathervane.