How to make a video call from Android

March 28, 2019


TrueConf users can make video calls and participate in video conferences both via our desktop client applications for Windows, macOS and Linux and via mobile applications for Android and iOS.

This also includes connection between different types of devices. For example, calls from Android to iOS are made in exactly the same way as calls from Android to Android, everything depends only on the UI of the application you are using.

In this manual we will explain how to install and use TrueConf applications for Android.

Step 1. Install the application from Google Play

TrueConf client application for Android is available free of charge from Play Market. Download it to your device:

How to make a video call from Android 1

Install the application and run it.

Step 2. Log in

The application is connected to TrueConf Online cloud service by default. It allows to make free video calls and video conferences for up to 6 users and run online events for up to 120 participants.

You can log in to TrueConf Online with your Google account or other popular services. Other Log In Methods menu item also allows you to log in from your account on our website. You only need to pass standard registration procedure in order to obtain it.

How to make a video call from Android 2

In order to switch to corporate TrueConf Server by its IP or FQDN name (e.g. press Change Server in the first menu. Upon switching enter your server username and password.

How to make a video call from Android 3
Download TrueConf Server

After successful authorization your address book will open.

Step 3. How to make a video call

You can find TrueConf users in the address book if you know their name or username. 

In order to call the user click user’s name once and then press call button in the panel that appears.

How to make a video call from Android 4

Congratulations on your first call!

Now we can proceed to making group video conferences with this application.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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