# Getting started

# TrueConf for iOS/iPadOS client application features

  • Run meetings with up to 1,500 participants (up to 1,600 using UDP Multicast mode)

  • Join meetings using a secure proxy connection

  • Set manual limits on input and output bitrate in the application network settings

  • Sign in using popular social networks as well as your Google account or Apple ID

  • Push notifications support

  • Use another application in the floating panel without closing or minimizing the TrueConf application (Slide Over mode for iPadOS)

  • Split the screen into two parts, participate in a conference and work in another application at the same time (Split View mode for iPadOS)

  • Use Stage Center to keeps yourself centered in the frame (works only on Center Stage supported devices)

  • Metal technology support for faster rendering of conference video windows, boosting app performance and extending battery life

  • Hardware video encoding

  • Adapted both for horizontal and vertical screen orientation

  • When you raise the phone to your ear, loudspeaker mode is automatically disabled

  • Try different modes of video communication: one-on-one or point-to-point call and four types of video conferences (all on screen, smart meeting, moderated role-based conference, and video lecture)

  • Private meetings for registered users and public webinars with guest connections

  • Schedule conferences, create virtual rooms, and send email invitations to meeting participants

  • Point-to-point video calls can be run directly between the users bypassing the server

  • Attendees can push to talk or send a request to become a speaker in role-based conferences, while moderators can appoint or remove speakers from the podium

  • User "reactions" during conferences

  • Share your smartphone or tablet screen

  • Show and view slides

  • Control remote cameras, including positioning and zooming for supported devices

  • Enable or disable participants' cameras and microphones

  • Call SIP/H.323 and RTSP devices

  • Exchange online and offline messages in personal chats, chat with meeting participants during group conferences

  • Share your location with chat participants

  • View chat history, including group chats of the meetings that have already finished

  • Add and remove participants in ongoing meetings

  • Full local and LDAP address book support: add and delete contacts, edit contact information, search and block contacts

  • View call history

  • Enjoy built-in echo cancellation algorithms

  • Synchronize address book when using TrueConf Online cloud service

  • Block incoming calls from the users that are not in your address book

  • Block messages from the users that are not in your address book

  • Join conferences automatically

  • Prohibit your video window recording in calls and conferences

  • QR code authorization and joining a meeting with its ID without login credentials.

  • Address book display

  • Join PIN-protected conferences

  • Offline mode: it is possible to view chats, contacts, and call history when there is no Internet connection

  • Ability to write messages that will be automatically sent when Internet connection is restored

  • Smart meeting mode in which everyone can see and hear participants as soon as they start speaking

  • Cache all chat messages and media files in a special storage

# Installing the application

Download the TrueConf application for free from the App Store (opens new window), install and run it.