# Collaboration tools

# Live chat

You can share messages with other users both inside and outside video meetings.

When a user signs in to the application on a new device, the chat history saved on the previous device will be synced across devices.

If you connect to TrueConf Server which is below 5.0 version, the chat history will not be synced across your devices.


With this messaging platform, you can:

All messages that you send can be edited. To do it, tap on a message and select Edit.


The message will be marked as “edited” (the date of editing will also be specified).


Besides, you can tap and hold on a message to open the context menu. The following options are available:

  • Reply

  • Forward

  • Copy

  • Delete the message (if needed, you can delete it for all chat participants)

  • Select multiple messages (e.g., you can select several messages and delete, copy or forward them in bulk).

To access additional features, tap on /docs/client-android/media/gui/more_ms/en.png which is in the upper right corner.

  • View additional information about a user or a group chat

  • View the list of all attached files

  • Clear chat history

  • Delete a chat (if needed, you can delete the chat for other users by marking the corresponding checkbox)

  • Block a user.

Please be careful when clearing chat history or deleting a chat. This action cannot be reversed. Even if you are added to this chat afterwards, you will not be able to view previous messages because all chat history has been removed.

# Searching for messages

To find a message in the chat history, tap on /docs/client-android/media/gui/more_ms/en.png and select Search. Type the text in the input field and as you type, the messages matching your query will be highlighted.


If multiple messages have been found, you can switch between them with these buttons: /docs/client-android/media/gui/arr_up/en.png and /docs/client-android/media/gui/arr_down/en.png. On the left side of these buttons, there will be a counter indicating the number of messages that match your query.

# Group chats

You can create a group chat on the main screen in multiple ways:

  1. Tap on /docs/client-android/media/gui/plus/en.png and select Create group chat. Enter the chat name, add participants, and tap on Create.

  2. Select users and tap on the /docs/client-android/media/gui/group_chat/en.png button. You will only have to enter the chat name and tap on the Create button.

# Slideshow

During a conference, you can select images from your gallery and start a slideshow. To do it, tap and hold on /docs/client-android/media/gui/more_pc/en.png and select Slideshow. The application will open the pop-up window where you can select photos taken from your camera (this folder will be opened by default).

You can select a different album, if your images are in a different folder. Tap on the /docs/client-android/media/gui/list_album/en.png button and you will see the list of all folders and albums with images.

Select all the images you want to show and tap on the Start slideshow button.


If you tap on the Start slideshow button without selecting any photograph, the slideshow will include all the images from the album.

You will also be prompted to give a title to your slideshow to make sure that other participants can quickly find the right slideshow in cases when multiple users are showing slides during a meeting. Tap Start to continue.


Then, you will see a slideshow management widget with the buttons that will allow you to switch between slides and stop the slideshow.


# Content sharing

When participating in conferences from a client application you will be able to share your screen and show slides created in popular presentation programs and online editors such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Libre Office, Google Slides, etc. Please note that you will need to install the corresponding software to open these files on your device.

Your screen will be seen by all conference participants who joined from TrueConf client applications and from browsers (via WebRTC). Besides, the content shared during conferences can be recorded.

In the meeting control panel, tap on /docs/client-android/media/gui/more_pc/en.png and select Screen sharing.

When the application is run for the first time, you will see the Display over other apps settings. Find TrueConf for Android and activate the switcher.

Then, you will see a pop-up window notifying that you can start sharing. Tap on Start now.


Then, the application will be hidden (minimized) and you will see the content management widget. It will be displayed over other apps all the time while you are sharing content. Other participants will see the content and video from your camera.

# Content management widget


The content management widget includes the following components:

/docs/client-android/media/gui/share_widget/share_stop/en.png — stop sharing

/docs/client-android/media/gui/share_widget/expand/en.png — maximize (enlarge) the widget; you will see the video window of other speaker or your self-view (it works similar to the window in the conference widget)

/docs/client-android/media/gui/share_widget/draw/en.png — enable screen annotation mode

/docs/client-android/media/gui/share_widget/name/en.png — the widget title: you can tap on this UI element to drag the widget to any part of the screen.

When screen annotation mode is enabled, the widget will look in the following way:


/docs/client-android/media/gui/share_widget/clear/en.png — clear all annotations

/docs/client-android/media/gui/share_widget/pencil_setup/en.png — brush width and color

/docs/client-android/media/gui/share_widget/draw_stop/en.png — disable screen annotations.

Screen annotation is one of the main features in TrueConf for Android because it enables users to highlight the most important parts of the shared content or add key points:


# Content sharing by multiple participants

Two conference participants can start a slideshow at the same time. In this case, you can select and zoom a content window in the content preview screen to make sure you do not miss any details.