# How to Connect TrueConf Kiosk to TrueConf Server

TrueConf Kiosk basic setup includes:

  • Your TrueConf Server address

  • Personal details of the user who will call the server from TrueConf Kiosk

  • User (or several users) who TrueConf Kiosk will call upon pressing the call button.

Let's take a look at the settings tabs responsible for the parameters mentioned above.

# «Server and Authorization» Tab


The first tab contains the following fields:

  • Server – your TrueConf Server address

  • User ID, Password, Confirm password – your personal details for authentication on your kiosk. This user information will be used by the kiosk to make calls.

At the bottom of the tab there’s a checkbox called Keep log file. This feature allows you to store detailed information for every terminal operation in a log file. Click the Show button next to the checkbox to open the current log file.

# «Call» Tab


In the Call tab you can specify the user whom TrueConf Kiosk will direct the call. It can be a TrueConf Server user, a SIP or H.323 device, an RTSP camera, or any other device connected with TrueConf Server.

You can check out a detailed description of the string formats for each of those endpoints in TrueConf Server Administrator Guide on our website. We will only give a couple of examples here:

  • <user>[@<server>[:<port>]] – calling <user> from TrueConf Server located at <server>[:<port>]. The IP number of the server can be used as the address. If @ and the symbols after it are not specified, the call is forwarded to the server where TrueConf Kiosk is authorized;

  • #sip:<user>[@<server>[:<port>]] – calling <user> of the server <server>[:<port>] via SIP protocol; if the server is not specified, the call will be forwarded to the default server assigned by SIP Proxy in the SIP-gateway settings of your server;

  • #h323:@<ip> – calling H.323 device via IP.

TrueConf Kiosk can make three types of calls that are selected in the Call to area:
  • One user – call only one user. User’s call string is specified in the User ID field;

  • List of users – calls every contact on the Comma-separated list in turn;

  • Address book user – call a random contact from the address book of the user who has been authorized in the kiosk (whose login credentials were entered in the Server and Authorization tab). You can create an address book in the appropriate section of the TrueConf Server control panel.

At the bottom of the tab there’s the Enable manager notifications checkbox. Next to it there’s a field for entering the manager's login and server (the field will be available for entering only if the checkbox is enabled). When manager notifications are enabled, TrueConf Kiosk will automatically send the information about its operations and interactions with users back to the manager via text chat.