# videoSlotMovedToMonitor

Description: the notification indicating that a video window has been moved to a different monitor


    "callId": "SlideShowSlot",
    "peerDn": "Slide 1/20",
    "monitorDisplayName": "Generic PnP Monitor (Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600)",
    "monitorIdx": 1,
    "monitorIsPrimary": false,
    "event": "videoSlotMovedToMonitor",
    "method": "event"

Parameter description:

  • callId — Unique slot identifier

  • peerDn — the display name for a video window

  • monitorDisplayName — Monitor name

  • monitorIdx — Monitor index (used in the API)

  • monitorIsPrimary — the flag indicating if the monitor is selected as the main screen

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