# videoCapturerPresetAdded

Version: 4.2.0+

Description: A notification indicating the addition of a video capture device preset.


    "method": "event",
    "event": "videoCapturerPresetAdded",
    "videoCapturerName": "USB Video Device",
    "presetId": "1667488322679",
    "isMuted": false,
    "comPort": "",
    "pan": {
        "isPresent": true,
        "value": 0
    "tilt": {
        "isPresent": true,
        "value": 0
    "zoom": {
        "isPresent": true,
        "value": 1
    "preview": {
        "isPresent": true

Parameter description:

  • presetId - identifier of the created preset
  • isMuted — the flag indicating if the video capture device is turned on or off
  • comPort - the selected COM port for controlling the PTZ camera. If the COM port is not in use, the field will contain an empty string.
  • pan - the pan property of the video capture device
  • tilt - video capture device tilt property
  • zoom - zoom property of the video capture device
  • preview - information about the availability of a preset preview
  • videoCapturerName - unique name of the video capture device
  • isPresent - a flag indicating the presence of a property in the preset
  • value - property values. The field is absent if isPresent equals false
  • presets - list of presets

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