How to Organize a Role-Based Conference on TrueConf for OS X

Alexander Galvita
October 18, 2013
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

Role video conference in TrueConf OS X features:

  • 120 participants, including up to 4 speakers
  • Passing Speaker’s role to other participants without interrupting a conference
  • Push to Talk option to leave audio remarks
  • Instant messaging
  • Adding new participants right in the process of a Virtual Meeting

Step 1: Choose the Type of a Conference

To create a role-based conference in TrueConf OS X application, click on “Role” icon in the application window and put a check mark in the “Accept autoentering” box:

Step 2: Make a List of Participants

Select the users you want to invite to a role-based conference from the Address book. To this purpose, single click on the necessary user. The users you added to the conference will be highlighted in blue in your Address book. To remove the user from the list, click on him again. To reset the whole list of participants, click «Clear»:

To start a role-based video conference, click on “Create” button.

Step 3: Take a Podium During a Role Conference

To take the podium, you must send a request to the conference owner. To do this, use «Broadcasting function» on the Toolbar. To take the podium, select the left icon while the right icon is responsible for audio remarks. The remarks lasts 3 seconds, so press Enter every three seconds if want to extend the remark:

Broadcasting function

The relevant icon appears in the speaker’s windows. To leave the podium, click the the crossed-out image of a speaker on the Toolbar:


You can change the window layout during a conference. To do this, simply select the necessary layout:

And the buttons for instant messaging, Slide Show or Screen Sharing are located in the Collaboration tools section on the toolbar: