Role-Based Video Conferences in TrueConf for macOS

Alexander Galvita
July 15, 2019
Alexander Galvita

TrueConf for macOS client application gives users plenty of opportunities  for holding various video conferences

Below we shall explain how to create a role-based conference so that all users could see and hear only those participants who were invited to the podium by the moderators. A webinar is a special case of a role-based conference.

Please, download TrueConf application from MacAppStore.


How to create a conference

TrueConf client applications have almost identical UI, so you can simply follow the guide for creating a role-based conference in TrueConf for Windows. 

You will be able to use such collaboration tools as:

Conference Moderator Rights 

If you are the owner of the conference or its moderator, you will be able to: 


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