Video calls and conferences in TrueConf for Linux

Alina Krukova
June 20, 2019
Alina Krukova

With TrueConf you can run free video calls and conferences of exceptional audio and video quality and communicate with desktop and mobile platform users.

This manual shows how to run video calls and conferences in TrueConf for Linux client application.

How to install and log in to the application

  1. Download and install the application by following our instructions.  
  2. Log in to the application.

Video call

  1. Find the user in the address book.
  2. Call the user according to one of the methods described in the application manual.

Group video conference

  1. Go to the application conference manager.
  2. Enter conference name, select conferencing mode, and add participants.
  3. Press Create button.

During the conference you can:

Video meeting (role-based conference)

To create role-based conference, follow the instructions above and select Role-based as a conferencing mode.

You can also read our article about managing roles during conferences.


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