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How to use TrueConf on NVIDIA Shield

November 6, 2020
Dimitrii Zuikov

Dimitrii Zuikov

With TrueConf, you can easily hold video conferences using a laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet or even NVIDIA Shield TV box. We have a special version of TrueConf for Android designed for digital media players like NVIDIA Shield. It supports FullHD (1080p) video calls and group conferences with the total resolution of up to UltraHD. TrueConf client applications can be used either with TrueConf Server or TrueConf Online.

This article shows how to make a call and hold a conference using TrueConf Online and NVIDIA Shield.


If you use the 2019 model, you will need the PRO version of Shield TV as it has a USB port needed for camera connection.

Getting ready and first launch

To reach the best audio and video quality, you need to make sure that your bandwidth meets our requirements. We also recommend using wired connection.
  1. Install TrueConf for Android TV application from Google Play Market and launch it.
Before starting the application, please make sure that your camera is compatible with NVIDIA Shield. If you connect the camera after starting the application, you may need to restart the TV box to detect it.
  1. Sign into your account created on our website.
  2. When the application starts for the first time, it will suggest that you adjust audio and video settings. Make sure that you select the microphone built into the camera as an audio source.


  1. After authorization, you will see the start screen.


Now you can make a call and take part in video conferences. For this purpose, share the link displayed on your start screen. Just scan the QR code with the camera on your smartphone or tablet PC and send the link.

Adding contacts

Once you have created an account, you can edit your address book in the personal area on our website. All contacts you added will be displayed in the app:


You can also add contacts to your address book during a conference. For this purpose, please complete these steps:

  1. Open the list of participants in the conference menu.
  2. Select the participant you need and open his or her profile.
  3. Proceed to User Information in a window that opens.
  4. Click Add.


You can add contacts from the Call History menu in the same way.

Making a call

To call a contact, find the user in the address book, open the profile and click Call.


During a video call, you can enable or disable audio and video or exchange messages in chat.

Click the Chat button in the contact’s profile to send a message to a contact outside the video call.

Managing a conference

With TrueConf for Android TV, you can create and take part in different types of a conference (symmetric, video lecture and role-based).

To create a conference, you need to proceed to Conference → New conference.

Choose a conference mode, select participants who will take part in and click Create conference.


Once the conference has been created, other users will see that you are busy by checking your status.

During the conference, you can remove its participants or add new ones from the address book.


Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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