How to Take Polls During Video Conferences in TrueConf for Windows?

Elizaveta Nesova
September 4, 2018
Elizaveta Nesova
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TrueConf allows conference participants to take and participate in polls using small reaction or status icons:

When a conference participant selects a reaction during video conference, this icon appears next to the participant’s name in the attendee list. TrueConf 7.3.0+ for Windows 7.3.0+ also provides statistical data about all reactions and distribution of votes for each video conference.

Reactions and polling do not directly affect conferences. Instead, they serve only as an additional means of sharing information between participants. This mechanism can be used to express your opinion during video conference without making audio reply.

To enable reactions and polling, a corresponding option should be enabled in your server settings.

How to Enable Reactions and Polling in TrueConf Video Conferences?

This section is intended for TrueConf Server administrators.

Proceed to Settings in TrueConf Server control panel and select Enable Extended Statuses in Conferences in Application Settings section.

Then click Save Application Settings button.

How to Take Polls in Legacy TrueConf Client Application?

During a conference, click Participants tab in your address book. Below you can find a number of reaction icons. Click corresponding icon to react.

To cancel your reaction, click on a cross icon in the lower right corner of the window.

How to React in TrueConf for Windows?

During a conference, click Conference Manager tab in the right panel of the app. In Participants section, click Reactions button and select a corresponding reaction icon. Optionally, your reaction can be changed (simply by selecting another one) or canceled (by clicking the button below).

Next to a list of possible reactions, you can see Reacted counter that displays the number of participants who have already reacted or taken poll.

Please note that “Yes” and “No” statistics is calculated taking into account all conference participants (not only those who voted). For example, if one attendee votes “Yes” and other attendees do not vote, then “Yes” will still have only 20% in a conference for 5 users.

A host may cancel all reactions made by other participants. To do it, simply click Clear Reactions button when you select your own reaction.

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