Can you install TrueConf Server on a PC with a web server installed?

Dmitriy Taschi
October 2, 2017
Dmitriy Taschi
Categories: Knowledge Base

Yes. During TrueConf Server installation process you are offered to select a port to access web control panel. By default, port 80 is used.  In case it is occupied with previously installed web server or another program, port 8888 is offered automatically. If it is occupied too, the administrator should enter another free port (e.g. port 8080).

If you try to select a port that is occupied, the installer will display “This port is not available on this server” message, and the installation process will be paused until the administrator chooses an
available port:

When you are using a port different from port 80, TrueConf Server control panel address will look different (for example http://localhost:8080). Guest page address will be updated accordingly: <server_ip>:8080/guest.


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