TrueConf Server: Where to Look for Client Applications

Alexander Galvita
July 3, 2014
Alexander Galvita

Client Applications - the Guest PageVideo conferencing system consists of the server side and the client side.

The server side is comprised of software installed on a computer under Windows OS. Server side processes requests that come from the client applications connected to the server.

Tutorial: Server Side Installation and Configuration.

The client side is comprised of the client applications that are installed on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. With their help users can create and participate in video conferences and use collaboration tools. Client applications for TrueConf Server may be downloaded on the guest page of the server.

What is a Guest Page?

Guest page of TrueConf Server allows the administrator to distribute links to client applications with short instructions on installation among employees quickly.

This page has detailed descriptions of the installation process and configuring client applications to use with your TrueConf Server.

Guest pages have URL’s of the following format: is the IP-address of the server on which TrueConf Server is installed, and 8888 is the port on which the TrueConf Server Control Panel  is set up.

The correct link to your Server’s guest page may be found in the TrueConf Server Control Panel, section Web → Settings:

TrueConf Server: Where to Look for Client Applications 1

The guest page has client applications for all supported operating systems, so the administrator does not need to specify the operating systems of users. It is very convenient and saves time.

TrueConf Server administrator will need to distribute the link to the guest page among the employees who are going to will use video conferencing system.

Also, the guest page has the administrator’s contact details. When users have any problems with setting up client applications – they will know how to find the administrator.

TrueConf Server: Where to Look for Client Applications 2

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