Managing User Groups in TrueConf Online Address Book

Alina Krukova
August 18, 2015
Alina Krukova
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How to create a new Group in TrueConf Online application

In TrueConf Online application users are allowed to create new and edit existing Groups. To create a new Group, go to the Option tab in your Address Book and choose Create New Group:

Create new group

Add a name to your Group and click OK to save changes:

Enter group name

When the New Group is created it will appear in your Address Book. Now you can:

  • Invite the New Group to join a Group Conference;
  • Rename the Group;
  • Delete the Group.

How to add users to the Group

To add a user to a new Group, right click the user Name and choose Group tab.

Choose an appropriate Group in your Address Book from the drop-listbox:

User in the group

How to create a Group in TrueConf Client app for OS X and Linux

Enter the Address Book and click the down arrow icon:

Adress book OS X

In the opened menu you can:

  • Show all contacts from the Address Book or online only;
  • Show/Hide Groups in the Address Book;
  • Show only one User Group in the Address Book;
  • Edit/Create New Group.

To create new or edit existing group, choose Group Manager. The following menu will be shown:

Group manager OS X

To create a new Group click Create group button. In the Group Manager menu enter the Group name and hit Save:

Sales departmant OS X

To add users to the existing Group click the button with a plus icon on it and choose users from your Address Book. Using buttons for Group management you are allowed:

  • Change Group name;
  • Add/DeleteGroup members;
  • Delete the Group.

Currently you can’t invite all group members to a conference for OS X and Linux apps. This feature will be supported in the nearest client app releases.

How to create a Group in TrueConf Mobile app for Android and iOS

Currently we don’t support User Groups in client apps for mobile platforms. We plan on supporting this feature in the nearest future.