How to Make a Telephone Call from the Client Application

Alexander Galvita
July 14, 2014
Alexander Galvita

To allow TrueConf Server users to call other clients’ phone numbers, the server administrator must set the VoIP bridge.

To perform this operation, use the “SIP Gateway” tab of the server’s Web Manager, input the VoIP server data into the corresponding fields and click “Save”:

SIP Gateway

Call via Contact List

Server administrator will have to add users’ telephone data to their accounts:

Phone number

After adding the phone data, the users will see the “Call phone” button on their TrueConf Client:

Call phone

If the users don’t have any phone numbers, this option is blocked.

Call via Address Bar

This is a quick way to call a phone number from any client application – type the phone number in the Address Bar as +[telephone number], i.e., to call us, you will have to type +13478783263:

Telephone number

You can also call internal numbers connected to your IP ATC.

For example, if the internal number is 910, type #tel:910 in the Address Bar of the client app.

Call via Dialer

There is one more way to call a phone number – use the “Phone call” button located within the program dialogue window:


When you click this button, the dialer window will open. You just type the number of the client you need using keyboard or choose the user from the contact list, and then click the “Call” button:
In case you want to invite the user to a group call, perform the same actions but click the “Invite” button instead of “Call”: