How to make a video call in TrueConf client application

Alexander Galvita
December 5, 2019
Alexander Galvita
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PC users (e.g. Windows, macOS, and Linux) can make UltraHD 4K video calls in TrueConf client application. Thanks to the number of useful features, the application is perfect for team collaboration with your colleagues.

This article describes how to make a video call using TrueConf client application. Although it might seem simple, this feature is what distinguishes TrueConf from other similar video conferencing solutions, as TrueConf displays presence statuses of your colleagues and allows you to make ad hoc calls instead of complicated calendar scheduling.

If you are a TrueConf Server user or TrueConf Online corporate group subscriber, your address book can be set by your system administrator before you log in to the client application. If you are a new TrueConf Online user, your address book will be empty and you will be able to fill it in manually.

How to connect another subscriber

To call a user, double click on their name in the address book or use one of the methods described below.

Via the search field

You can call your partner via the search field. Simply enter you partner’s TrueConf ID or name and press the call button call_button .

If your partner did not use TrueConf Online before, you can enter their email to the search field. The user will receive an email notification about the missed call and invitation to register in TrueConf Online.

Via the context menu

You can make a call by selecting Call option in the context menu of the user.


Via the address book

Select the subscriber and press call button call_button in the pop-up panel:


During the video call

TrueConf provides a number of collaboration tools:

Congratulations, you are ready to start video conferencing right away:

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