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What is TrueConf?

TrueConf is a developer of software and hardware solutions for video conferencing over the Internet and in corporate networks. TrueConf software consists of unique products: video conferencing server for corporate networks and Internet - TrueConf Server, cloud service TrueConf Online and TrueConf Mobile, client applications for mobile devices running on Android and iOS. All these solutions help to organize personal and group video conferences no matter where you are: in the office, at home, in a hotel or an airport.

All you need to get started is to download and install TrueConf software on your PC and connect the camera. Your computer will turn into a full-featured business-level audio and video conferencing endpoint.

What video resolutions do TrueConf solutions have?

TrueConf supports the following video resolutions:

  • SD (Standard Definition) — 320x176;
  • HQ (High Quality) — 640x360;
  • ED (Enhanced Definition) — 864x480;
  • HD (High Definition) — 1280x720;
  • FHD (FullHD) — 1920x1080;
  • UltraHD 4K (Ultra High Definition) — joint resolution in a group conference of 9 participants is 3840х2160, in a conference of 16 participants is 5120x2880, and in a conference of 25 participants is 6400x3600.

By default HD resolution is used.

You can also find additional information on this issue in Recommended System Requirements.

Do I need a powerful server?

Not necessarily. You need a standard server with Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 that meets certain system requirements.

What modes of video conferences are there in TrueConf?

TrueConf system there are 4 modes of video conferences:

  • Point-to-point video conference (Video Call FullHD);
  • Multipoint Video Conference (or Symmetric Group Conference) with up to 25 participants audible and visible to each other;
  • 6-on-244 Virtual Meeting in which up to 4 participants can broadcast their video and audio simultaneously to the rest of the group. The broadcaster's role can be handed over to any other user according to the established rules;
  • Asymmetric Group Video Conference or Video Lecture, allows to connect up to 25 participants so that all of them are able to see and hear only the speaker, while the speaker, in his turn, can see and hear all the participants of the video conference.

Does the video connection work via satellite channels?

Yes, it does. For more details please contact our specialists.

Can I connect an IP camera to TrueConf?

Yes. If it supports RTSP protocol you can make a call to the camera from TrueConf Client. Read more about this feature.

You can also connect an IP-camera without RTSP and broadcast picture in a group conference. You can do this by using third-party applications, such as WebcamMax. In this case the list of available cameras in TrueConf Client will include one more camera. In it's settings you will need to specify the IP-address of your camera.

What platforms, in addition to Windows, are supported by TrueConf?

The server program works only in Windows.

As for client applications we supported all popular platforms - macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Moreover, thanks to WebRTC technology, you can connect to video conferences created in TrueConf in a web browser.

Why there is echo in conferences?

The sound from the speakers is received by the microphone and the party on the other side hears himself/herself.

You can read more about echo effect and how to cancel it in How to setup audio.

How to improve video connection quality?

Following these simple advice will help you improve your video communication quality and make video conferencing more comfortable:

  • use high-quality webcameras;
  • use good microphones and speakerphones;
  • make sure your provider provides you high quality and speed Internet connection;
  • make sure the same applies to other participants of the conference.

You can read more about it on the page How to setup video.

Can I call regular phones from TrueConf Client?

Yes. A built-in TrueConf Server SIP gateway allows calling regular phones easily from TrueConf Client applications. Now this option is available in applications for Windows and only in TrueConf Server. Read more on the page Enabling SIP PBX and Equipment.

Does TrueConf support multiple monitors?

Yes, it does. You can communicate with your colleagues in one monitor and at the same time work on another screen or open a presentation there.

What is the difference between TrueConf Online service and TrueConf Server?

  • The server is installed in a corporate network, and the administrator has full control over it, signing up users and managing access to the service. You can install the server in an isolated network or encrypt your video signals. Besides, there are additional features available with the server: increased number of participants in symmetric group conference (up to 25 users) and in asymmetric (up to 100), scheduling, managing user rights, support for UDP Multicast, Active Directory / LDAP integration.
  • The Service does not require you to install your own server. You just need to download and install TrueConf Online client application. Its capabilities are similarl of those of TrueConf Server dedicated servers, and it is an ideal solution for private use and for small businesses.

How and where can I purchase TrueConf software?

You can buy it directly on our website or from our partners.

Can TrueConf work behind a Firewall, ICS, NAT or through a Proxy-server?

Yes, it can. TrueConf client software works in corporate networks and does not require a leased IP address. To use TrueConf through a proxy server you'll need to enter its parameters into the network settings in the application.

Are TrueConf solutions secure?

They are absolutely secure. TrueConf uses its own proprietary video codec and transport protocols. Moreover, all connections are protected by SSL/TLS, and audio and video streams are mixed on-line. This allows us to state that no video conference and no video call will be overheard and seen by uninvited guests. What's more, the access to every user`s personal information is protected by their own password.

The administration of TrueConf Server software is not less secure. To start working with TrueConf Server the administrator will only have to open one port. As for the client applications, they can work both in LAN and VPN, as well as over the Internet. You do not need to have a direct IP address.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to organize video communication in the workplace is a regular desktop computer with Windows, macOS or Linux, connection to the local network or the Internet, TrueConf client application, a webcamera and a headset (or microphone and speakers). You can also use iOS and Android devices. There is no need to buy any additional hardware.

To help you start working with TrueConf comfortably, we have created a page "How to Get Started?" (for the server) and "How to Get Started?" (for the service).

Do all participants need to install TrueConf client applications to connect?

In video conferences using WebRTC web browser technology, additional software is not required. Otherwise, participants need to install TrueConf client application.

TrueConf Server software comes with client applications called TrueConf Client.

TrueConf Online cloud service consists of an application called TrueConf Online.

You can download all TrueConf applications from our website absolutely for free.

TrueConf Server: Where to Look for Client Applications

How can I invite my colleagues to the conference?

  1. Your colleagues must be registered in TrueConf Online or in your TrueConf Server.
  2. Add your colleagues to your Address Book.

For more information about creating group videoconferences read our blog full with Tutorials.

Can a conference Host leave the video conference without interrupting it?

Yes, it is possible. When leaving the video conference he or she will see a dialog "Terminate the conference for every participants?". If the answer is "No" , the session will not be interrupted. It should be noted that in this case the position of conference Host cannot be handed over to any of the remaining participants.

Can the Host return to the video conference after leaving it?

Yes, he/she can. If you want to return to the current group conference, where you were the Owner, create any group conference and you will join the previous conference as a Host if it is not over yet.

Can a conference Owner, having left one video conference (without interrupting it), create a new one?

No. If the Owner tries to set up any other conference he/she will automatically return to the previous one.

Can I use TrueConf on macOS and Linux?

Yes. But first, you need to download the client application for macOS or Linux from our site. Having installed the program on your device, you will be able to make free calls to other users. The application is fully compatible with all our solutions - TrueConf Server software, TrueConf Online cloud service, and mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

How to Install TrueConf for Linux?
How to Make a Video Call on macOS?
Symmetric Group Conference with TrueConf for macOS
How to Organize a Role-Based Conference on TrueConf for macOS

Can the users inside the LAN communicate with the users connected via the Internet?

Yes, they can, if the users inside the LAN and those from the Internet are able to connect to the same TrueConf Server.

Which video codec is used in TrueConf software?

Currently, the company's products use VP8 video codec, modified by the specialists. It allowed to significantly enhance video quality in video conferences at resolutions from 640x360 and higher at the same low communication channels bandwidth, speed and processor performance.

Can I play video recorded in TrueConf in third-party software?

Yes, but to do this you will need to download and install a special codec.

Upon finishing of the installation wizard, select "Run video decoder configuration." Then, in the configuration window for VP8 video decoder choose "libavcodec".

You can upload any of the recorded videos on YouTube to share it with the colleagues.

Why is TrueConf better than Skype?

  • Skype does not offer video servers and thereby it's solutions do not operate in LAN;
  • TrueConf allows creating free multipoint video conferences 3-on-3;
  • TrueConf is designed to be able to work on low-speed communication channels.

What web cameras should I choose?

How much do TrueConf video services cost?

It all depends on your tariff plan (for TrueConf Online) or license package (for TrueConf Server). Find more information on the cloud service tariffs and software server licenses by following the links.

I have technical problems. What should I do?

You can submit your technical support request by filling a special form in the section for registered users or contact us at

Can I use TrueConf for conferencing between a conference room and a PC?

Yes you can, but it will require additional audio and video equipment.

What equipment is better to use in the conference room?

You can connect any professional or manned camera through a video capture card to a computer which is used as a terminal. You can display the picture through a projector or on wide screen. We recommend connecting the conference room sound system to the terminal through an audio mixer with hardware echo cancellation.

Several participants of a group video conference have firewalls. Will TrueConf work in such conditions?

Yes, it will. Just make sure that all the users have the outgoing port 4307 open.

What are the requirements to the channels on the client side and on the server side?

Please read our requirements for the communication channels.

What are the major differences between TrueConf video conferencing system and Tandberg, Polycom, Sony, etc.?

  1. The main difference is that, unlike the traditional video conferencing systems, TrueConf is tailored to work in unstable network conditions, i.e. using the ordinary Internet connection. The traditional systems, in their turn, require expensive channels with guaranteed transmission capacity.
  2. TrueConf systems do not require any specific equipment; regular computers can be used as servers and endpoints.
  3. TrueConf offers convenient collaboration tools.
  4. TrueConf solutions are significantly cheaper.
How to Connect Polycom SIP Terminal with TrueConf Server?

Can I interconnect the traditional MCU and TrueConf server?

Yes, you can connect them via SIP protocol. For more information read the Administrator's Guide.

Can I install TrueConf Server on a regular computer?

Yes, if your computer meets the system requirements.

What ports does TrueConf system use?

TrueConf Server uses the following ports:

  • 80 (TCP) - to access TrueConf Web Manager and the tool Slide Show;
  • 4307 (TCP) - to exchange media data between the server and client applications.
  • 4310 (TCP)— to connect with registration server duting activation process.
    Connection to conferences organized on TrueConf Server via WebRTC in Chrome (47+):
  • 443 (TCP)— for operation via HTTPS protocol.
    Interoperability of a server with SIP / H.323 devices:
  • 1718 (UDP), 1719 (UDP), 1720 (TCP), 3000-4000 (TCP) — to establish connection with H.323 devices;
  • 5060 (TCP, UDP) — to establish connection with SIP devices and PBX;
  • 6001 — 8001 (TCP) — to transmit media data via RTP (used for SIP/H.323).

What are the minimum requirements for the client computer and for the server?

Please follow this link to read more about the system requirements.

How many participants can use one TrueConf server simultaneously?

TrueConf Server is able to support up to one thousand online users at a time. The exact number is defined by the number of the acquired licenses.

Is it difficult to configure TrueConf Server?

Not at all! You can do it in just 15 minutes. We told about it in our article.

Why should I install my own video server if I can simply use your cloud service?

  • If you need certain extended features, integration with the company's distributed or secured networks and with resources like LDAP, full control over your conferences and users, then your choice is TrueConf Server video conferencing server.
  • If you do not want to set up and host your own video conferencing server or your requirements are not so demanding — TrueConf Online service is exactly what you need.

What do you mean by the number of on-line users?

It means the number of users connected to the server at the moment. It doesn't matter whether they are in video conferences with each other or not.

How many people can take part in a conference at the same time?

The maximum number of participants in a group conference in the free version of the server TrueConf Server Free is 12.

For users with annual or perpetual license of TrueConf Server:

  1. In a symmetric video conference (multipoint) — up to 25 participants;
  2. In an asymmetric video conference (video lecture) — up to 25 participants/students;
  3. In a role based video conference (virtual meeting) — up to 120 participants (using UDP Multicast technology — up to 250);
  4. In a WebRTC video conference — up to 220 participants.

How can I start a group video conference on TrueConf Server?

The conference on the server is created by the administrator, and in the client application by the user.
How to Create a Multipoint Video Conference in TrueConf for Windows?.

What are the limitations of TrueConf Server Free Version?

  1. Validity of the free version is unlimited, but an annual re-registration is reguired.
  2. Maximum number of participants in a group video conference — 12.
  3. Maximum number of WebRTC-participants — 12.
  4. Maximum number of SIP connections — 1.
Read more in Terms of Use for TrueConf Server Free.

I'm inside a corporate network behind a firewall. Will TrueConf work in these conditions?

Yes, it will. You only need to mee the requirements of the open ports, described in 'What ports does TrueConf system use?'.

Can I use Active Directory service to manage the accounts on TrueConf Server?

TrueConf Server video conferencing server supports the incorporating user catalogues LDAP protocol, and thus allows to integrate the Active Directory user database of your company into the system of TrueConf Server accounts right away.

Video conferencing server TrueConf Server supports merging user directories LDAP, and respectively allows you to integrate Active Directory user database in your organization's accounts in TrueConf Server. You can read more about this mechanism in the Possibilities section. You can also read more about it on the page LDAP Integration.

Do TrueConf solutions support UltraHD 4K video resolutions?

Yes. TrueConf supports FullHD (1280x720) and UltraHD (3840x2160). Such resolution is supported in Multipoint Video Conference mode for 9 or 16 users. In 9x9 conference the resulution may reach up to 3840x2160, but in 16x16 conference the resolution increases to 5120x2880.

If the screen of any of the participants does not support such resolution, the server will send him/her a video signal of lower resolution, but the video quality itself will not decrease.

What are the requirements for using HD in the conference?

The requirements for using HD in the conference are as follows:

  • modern processor i3, i5, i7;
  • camera with HD 720p resolution;
  • 1 Mbps channel.

How much does client software cost?

It's free to use. Client software is a part of the system and it does not have to be licensed separately.

Where and how can I get TrueConf Client application?

Find out here

What is a Guest page?

On the Guest Page you can download client applications for Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. Read more about how to do it in our manual.

How to activate TrueConf Server without the Internet connection?

To do this, please contact your manager or our sales department by +1 (347) 878-3263 or e-mail

Can I manage my account through the website?

Yes. As a user of TrueConf Online service you can just log into your personal account on the website by entering your username and password.

In your Personal Area, you can:
  • Edit personal data;
  • Edit address book;
  • View call history and statistics;
  • Pay for services and change the type of account;
  • Create and track all support requests.

Why has my account been deactivated?

As a rule the account can be deactivated due to the following reasons:
  • If a user violates our Terms of Use, laws, or is guilty of other actions which prevent other users from taking advantage of the service. As a rule the user is informed about the reasons for deactivation of their account.
  • If a user has not verified their account within the fixed time limit.

The decision to deactivate the account is irrevocable, and the deactivated account can’t be activated again. Nevertheless, we never make the final decision without being absolutely sure that it will serve our interests and/or the interests of our clients.

Can I change my password?

Yes. To do that you need to enter your TrueConf ID and current password to get into your Personal Area on the website. Click on 'Change Password' button and confirm the changes by clicking on 'Update'.

Can I change my tariff plan?

Yes. To do that you need to enter your TrueConf ID and password to get into your Personal Area on the web site. Select 'Change Account Type'. Quit the group if you have been subscribed for the Corporate plan. Then select the desired tariff plan. Click on 'Purchase', indicate the license period and make the payment.

If you want to switch over to the Corporate plan you need get the corporate code from the group administrator. Choose 'Join the group' and enter the code into the appropriate window.

Can I change my account e-mail address?

Yes. To do that you need to enter your TrueConf ID and password and get into your Personal Area on the web site. Select the 'Change E-mail Address' option and confirm the changes by clicking on 'Update'.

What video conferencing modes support collaboration tools?

Slide Show, Desktop Sharing, Video Recording and Text Chat are available in all modes of videoconferencing.

Electronic Whiteboard and File Transfer are only available in 1-on-1 calls.

How to Use Whiteboard During a Video Call?
How to Use Desktop Sharing During a Conference?

If the user is not online, can I send him a message in the chat?

Sure. If the recipient of your message was offline, he is sure to get all your messages as soon as he logs in.

Can I render paid services using TrueConf Online service?

Yes, if you have a paid account.

Can I change my username?

Yes. To do that you need to enter your TrueConf ID and password to get into your Personal Area on the web site. Click on 'Edit Profile' and confirm the changes by pressing the 'Save changes' button.

How can I pay for a corporate group account?

The payment can be done by the group administrator after creating the invoice directly on our web site. To do that the administrator needs to enter his/her Personal Area, select 'Make a Payment' in the 'Payment Center' tab, check the desired tariff plan and click on 'Submit'. It will create an invoice, according to which the payment can be done.

What is the principal difference between the accounts of a corporate group administrator and that of an individual user?

Administrator account of a corporate group can only be used for managing the group, ie, for paying bills and adding or removing users. The administrator CANNOT take part in conferences and manage them.

How can I add a user to the corporate group?

When registering a user you need to enter the code of the corporate group, which you can get from the administrator of this group. For those already registered, go to the Personal Area, select tab 'Change Account Type' select the Corporate plan, click on 'Join a group' and enter the corporate code, given to you by the administrator of the group.

How can a user join a corporate group?

There are three ways to do that:
  1. By entering the group code, given by the administrator of the group, into the appropriate bar upon registration of your account;
  2. If you already have an account you need to go to your Personal Area, select 'Change Account Type' and then 'Corporate plan > Join a group', and enter the code into the appropriate window;
  3. The group administrator can him/herself add you into the group by registering your account from their Personal Area on the website.

How do you join a video conference?

  1. To start enjoying video communication you need to download and install TrueConf Online video conferencing program.
  2. To start using the system you need to register your account. Registration is absolutely free of charge. Having registered your account you will automatically get all the benefits of the Free plan.
  3. After the installation of the program please restart your computer and run the application from your Desktop or through the Programs menu. Enter your login and password into the appropriate window (TrueConf > Login).
  4. You can join a conference in two ways:
    1. If the Owner creates a conference and adds you as a participant you get an invitation. The conference Owner can also invite any participant during the conference with a double-click on the user in his/her address book.
    2. You can join the conference yourself. To do that you need to add the conference Owner into your address book. During a conference its owner is marked with a star in front of their name in the Address book. By double-clicking the contact you ask for permission to join the conference. In case of a positive answer you will automatically join the conference.

What happens if I call a user whose status is unknown to me?

  • If the user is registered and is online at the moment you will be able to call them;
  • If the user is registered and is currently off-line, they will get a notification about a missed call to their e-mail address;
  • If the user is not registered in TrueConf yet they will get an invitation to their e-mail.

How can I quickly invite my friends to start using the service?

To invite a user to join the TrueConf service you need to enter his/her e-mail into the address bar and click on Call, and your friend will automatically get an invitation to register to his/her e-mail.

Can I manage TrueConf Server remotely?

To manage the server from a remote machine you need:

  • to allow incoming connections to the server port, on which TrueConf Web Manager runs, in the firewall;
  • specify the range of allowed IP addresses in the Web manager. By default, the access is restricted to the following ranges: 10.*, 192.168.*, 172.16-172.31, 127.*;
  • add a user to the group "TrueConf Server Admin" and allow him/her to manage.

How to add a new administrator in TrueConf Server?

To do this, you must add the user to the Windows-group "TrueConf Server Admin".

Can I install TrueConf Server on a PC that already has a web server?

Yes, you can. The installer will aither choose a free port, or ask you to set it manually.

What does the TrueConf Server Delivery Set Include?

The TrueConf Server delivery set includes:

  • Server software (for video conferencing switching, managing users and system administration):
    • may be installed on any on-premises or virtual server running on Windows Server;
    • a single installation package for all the features and the built-in help that makes it possible for a network administrator to deploy and configure the system in the shortest time possible.
  • Client software:
    • to be installed on the computers of end users of the system;
    • the client application installation packages are delivered as a part of the server software and are already configured to connect to the server for rapid deployment of video conferencing system on the users' working places;
  • Software documentation:
    • server side — goes with Server distro;
    • client side — goes with Client Application distro.

Do TrueConf solutions support 64-bit Windows family operating systems?

Yes, they do. 64-bit Windows family operating systems are supported by TrueConf client applications.

Can I register the server TrueConf Server Free without the Internet connection?

No, you cannot. This option is only available for users with annual or perpetual license of the TrueConf Server product. If you you need a test version of TrueConf Server that operates without the Internet connection, then refer to the sales department 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263),

Is guest connection in a WebRTC conference available for TrueConf Server Free users?

No, it is not. Users who are willing to join a conference on the server TrueConf Server Free through the browser, can login with the account created on the server. Guest login is not available for them.

How to Register TrueConf Server on the External H.323 Gatekeeper?

Read the detailed instruction

Why is Slide Show not working?

Slide Show tool sends slides to TrueConf Server through the port 80. TrueConf Server then sends these slides to the conference participants through the port 80.

You need to make sure that traffic passes seamlessly in both directions through the port 80 between a PC with TrueConf Server installed and devices of the conference participants. It is ussually enough to enable access to this port in the Firewall settings of a PC with TrueConf Server installed.

Please note that the same port is used to access the admin web panel of TrueConf Server. If you changed the port to another TCP port (8080 or 8888) when installing TrueConf Server, you need to to access the web configurator of TrueConf Server.

How to update TrueConf Server?

New TrueConf Server release brought a new notification icon in left side menu of TrueConf Web Manager, opposite to About item. A message with the download link is displayed at the top of the web page. Notification icon will disappear after the update is performed.

How to update client applications during the server update?

All client applications update to the latest version automatically in the new TrueConf Server release. Download the latest version by going to Settings page in Application section of web configurator.

How to change port for TrueConf Server Web Manager tool without having to re-install the server

To do this, go to the servers directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\TrueConf Server\httpconf\conf). In the conf folder open file listen.conf with a text editing app of your choice and change the port number in "Listen (port number)" parameter and save changes. This way you can change the port without re-installing your TrueConf Server.

How to delete the TrueConf Online account?

You cannot do it by yourself. If you want to delete your account forever please contact TrueConf support service over the phone: 1-347-878-3263.

Where can I get the MSI installer of client application for distribution in Active Directory?

MSI installer is issued within the framework of full technical support. You can check technical support activation in the “Summary” section of “Trueconf Server” web configurator.

You can find out more about extended technical support at our website: or over the phone: 1-347-878-3263.

I use video capture board. There is no camera image. What should I do?

  1. Check if video capture board is connected to USB 3.0;
  2. Download and install the latest drivers for USB 3.0 motherboard of your PC;
  3. Make sure that there is no additional software at you PC which uses a video stream from video capture board;
  4. Check if video camera provides a video stream with resolution of 1080p and 30 frames per second (FPS). You can find camera characteristics in operating manual.

My client application freezes at start. What can be a problem?

Make sure that you have the latest video board drivers installed. Should the installation of new drivers do not solve the problem, please contact technical support service over the phone.

I cannot enter to WebRTC conference using “Enter” button. What should I do?

Check browser and Trueconf Server compatibility. Only the browsers built on Chromium are compatible:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Opera;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Yandex Browser;
  • Etc.

All TrueConf Server users have offline status but in the same time they are logged in TrueConf Client and the chart is working. What should I do?

Go to “Web” – “Security” – “Secret key” section of web configurator and generate new key. Then press the “Apply” button and restart the server:

How many accounts can I create?

  • TrueConf Server FREE version maximum limit is 6 accounts.
  • TrueConf Server FULL version can create up to 10,000 accounts in registry mode.
  • TrueConf Server FULL version can create up to 100,000 accounts in LDAP mode.

What is the difference between "online users" and "account"?

Account – is a user login account which is created by administrator at server. Unique login name and password are assigned to every account for authorization at server. Online user – is a user which currently connected to a server and it doesn't matter if he is in conference or not.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please submit a feedback ticket and we will contact you.