Video Conferencing Equipment

Quality of a video conference depends on your equipment that is why you should pay special attention to audio- and video devices (web cameras) you are using.

Video conferencing equipment can be quite diverse: video telephones, specialized terminals, etc. TrueConf software will help you to turn your PC into a professional video conferencing terminal, it will suffice to equip your computer with the following minimum kit – a web camera, sound system and a microphone.

This page contains following sections:

Additional information on compatibility of video conferencing equipment you can find in Resources. Reviews, published in the section, contain interesting and useful information on web cameras, audio devices and other video conferencing equipment.

General Recommendations on Video Conferencing Equipment

TrueConf supports almost all PC compatible web cameras providing resolution from 240p to 1080p through Microsoft DirectShow (WDM) drivers, in other words all USB web cameras will work.

Please note that every web camera requires a special software called driver, which is supplied by the manufacturer, to work properly.

As for the audio we would recommend you to use a headset or microphone with speakers or special speakerphones. TrueConf implements the most efficient and state-of-the-art noise and echo cancelling algorithms, you will never be annoyed by echo or other unpleasant noises.

Below is given some information about devices recommended for use with TrueConf software.

Recommended Video Devices (Web Cameras)

To achieve the best results we recommend you to use the following web cameras:

  • Logitech c930e

    Logitech 930 / Pro Webcam

  • Logitech GROUP

    Logitech GROUP

  • Logitech CC3000e

    Logitech CC3000e

  • Logitech Connect

    Logitech Connect

  • Logitech BCC950

    Logitech BCC950

  • Logitech PTZ PRO

    Logitech PTZ PRO

  • Logitech Brio / 4K Pro Webcam

    Logitech Brio / 4K Pro Webcam

  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio Image

    Microsoft LifeCam Studio

  • Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Image

    Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

  • Clevermic HD USB PTZ

    PTZ Clevermic

  • Sony EVI-HD7V

    Sony EVI-HD7V

Video Capture Cards

The following video capture devices have been successfully tested with TrueConf Online:

  • Aver Game Broadcaster

    AVerMedia Game Broadcaster

  • Aver Game Broadcaster HD

    AverMedia ExtremeCap U3

  • Aver Game Broadcaster HD

    AVerMedia DarkCrystal 750

  • Aver Game Broadcaster HD

    AVerMedia DarkCrystal SDI Duo

Recommended Audio Devices

For high quality clear sound in conference we recommend using TrueConf with headphones and a microphone (headset). You can also use a speakerphone that includes a microphone with echo cancelling and speakers.

  • Phoenix Audio Duet USB Speakerphone Phoenix Audio Duet
  • Phoenix Audio Duet USB Speakerphone Phoenix Audio Condor
  • Phoenix Audio Duet USB Speakerphone Phoenix Audio Spider
  • Phoenix Audio Duet USB Speakerphone Phoenix Audio Smart Spider

Please Note

TrueConf service does not provide technical support on audio and video devices you’re using. Any questions on installation and operation of your video conferencing equipment should be forwarded to the manufacturer of such device.