Calling Phones


"Call Phone" option allows TrueConf users to call landline and mobile phone numbers directly from the client application TrueConf Online. This may be extremely helpful if, for example, the user is not logged in TrueConf Online.

Why Is It Handy?

  • You can call any phone, including old-fashioned landline phones.
  • Using "Call Phone" option you can invite other users to a group video conference or call them any time.
  • Any user may edit and enter new phone numbers in his address book for himself/herself and other users.

Now users don’t need to have two different applications for video conferencing and VoIP telephony installed on their workstations and mobile devices! Our client applications are a cost-effective alternative to SIP phone!

Call Phone is available in
vTrueConf Server
Over LAN / VPN / Internet
vTrueConf Online
In the cloud

How to Make a Telephone Call from the Client Application