User groups & policies

If your user base is pretty large we recommend to split users into smaller groups to visually divide them in address books or to assign with custom rights and privileges. Group policies allow to restrict group members access to some features like ability to make video calls or conferences, to use collaboration tools or edit address book. Group members could also be assigned with operator rights, which allow them to moderate any conference on the server. Please refer to documentation for more details.


One user can belong to several groups, which contributes to more flexible distribution of users into groups according to various criteria. For example, an administrator can divide users into groups by departments, form of activity or necessity to be present on a regular virtual meeting. In this case an administrator can invite all group users into a conference with a single mouse click.

To create groups you should contact your administrator, because this feature is only available in the video conference server control panel. Administrator can also limit address book visibility for group members or customize it.

Groups of users are available in
AvailableTrueConf Server
Over LAN / VPN / Internet
AvailableTrueConf Online*
In the cloud

TrueConf Online users can create groups in their address books at any time, however it is impossible there to assign groups with various rights.