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TrueConf 6.5 for Windows

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Download TrueConf for Windowsversion 6.5.9 (14.26 MB)
TrueConf for Windows
Multipoint Video ConferenceMultipoint Video Conference 2
  • Application for TrueConf Online cloud service.
  • Support for UltraHD (4K) multipoint conferences.
  • Group video conferencing for up to 250 participants.
  • Easy-to-use collaboration tools.
  • The best audio and video quality through any Internet channel.
  • Address book with user groups.
  • Video conferencing recording and playback.
  • Smart video layouts for conferences.
  • Authorization with social network accounts or LDAP.
  • Secured connections and encrypted communication.

Note: If you're looking for TrueConf Server client application for Windows, please download new beta version or get stable TrueConf Client application on the guest page. Learn more in our manual (.pdf)