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WebRTC Video Conference through a Web Browser

  • WebRTC technology allows you to use a web browser as a video conferencing endpoint
  • You will be able participate in all TrueConf video conferences at the fullest extent
  • Text Messaging with conference paricipants in common and personal chat
  • Viewing slide presentations, shared by users of the client application
  • Available for users of any platforms, including Linux and Android
  • Great quality of sound and video (HD 720p)
  • HTTPS protocol and DTLS-SRTP encryption is used for data security
TrueConf for WebRTC

How to Create WebRTC Conference (Tutorial)

Thanks to the SVC technology, used in TrueConf Server, users always receive video and audio of excellent quality, with no delays and in real-time, in accordance with their bandwidth and device capabilities.

At this point the solution is compatible with all web browsers based on the Chromium engine (Google Chrome 27+, Opera 15+), Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Mobile for Android.

How to Use Text Messaging in WebRTC?

Users who joined the conference organized on TrueConf Server Server via web browser, can send and receive text messages from all other participants in public (common) or personal chat. To enter the common chat it is necessary to click the corresponding link in WebRTC conference window. You will be able to send personal messages Pointing any Participant name appears a text Chat icon. You can click the icon to send a text message to the participant of the conference.

How to Show a Presentation in a WebRTC conference?

Users, who joined the conference, created on the TrueConf server, through the browser, cannot share presentations. Instead they can view the slides shared by the users of the client application. Read more on it in our instructions.