Success Story from ZTM Bad Kissingen

ZTM Bad Kissingen

ZTM Bad Kissingen is one of the leading telemedicine centers in Germany. The company establishes distance medical systems across Europe. ZTM telemedicine projects are targeted at healthcare organizations, emergency services, assisted living facilities, and recovery centers. The company generally aims at improving overall life quality for clients.

Modern medicine struggles with numerous problems, including the gap between research and practice, constantly growing number of patients, and a strong need for skilled labour and specialized equipment. Most health facilities are not quite ready for large migration and refugee flows, emergency medical services and timely psychological support provision. The current refugee crisis has placed enormous pressure on German hospitals, who need new strategies to cope with the sheer number of patients.

To solve these problems, ZTM created Teleview for Refugees, a new telehealth video conferencing system. The system deployed between Rhön Klinikum and are fugee first-accommodation center is designed to provide emergency assistance to the refugee families and issue medical certification and any other medical documents. Refugee accommodation centers cooperate with remote doctors with diverse backgrounds who share a common language with their patients and easily overcome any cultural barriers

Success Story

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