Feedback from Sumou Society

Pp. B. 250 Al Khobar
31952 Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966 3 8878888
Fax: +966 3 8878080

Sumou Society

Sumou Society is a non-governmental charity organization based in Saudi Arabia that deals with community service and public education for students in different fields.

We were looking for simple, easy to handle and practical video conferencing solution to broadcast audio and video in FullHD resolution over the LAN to our students on different floors of the building at the same time from a single source.

TrueConf Server proved itself to be a perfect solution for our needs. Especially since we have 28 students in different locations and we need to provide them with video lectures on regular basis. Now we have the ability to perform our tasks more effectively. TrueConf allows us to record our lectures, broadcast them to students, and switch audio/video devices directly during a conference, which simplifies the task a lot.

Eyad B. Sedki, Network & systems Administrator at Sumou Society: “TrueConf provides truly FullHD video/audio quality via LAN. If you care about the quality of audio and video, this program will not let you down.”

Client Testimonial Sumou Society

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