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Shelter Products, Inc.

Shelter Products, Inc. is a nationwide distributor of lumber, plywood, and building materials to contractors. We specialize in cost-effective and just in time shipments to projects as varied as Multi-Family Housing, Single Family Tract Housing, Commercial, and Military Housing. With over 40 years in the business, we are The General and Framing Contractor&s Partner.

With over 100 employees in 3 distributed offices around the country, we have invested a lot of time and money having a finely tuned internal network, and TrueConf is the only product we have found that leverages internal networking as well as it does. We needed a non-cloud based solution to answer our videoconferencing needs and that leverages our fast, secure, private WAN connections. After evaluating over 20 products ranging in price from $5000 to over $100,000 we found that TrueConf was the perfect fit for our needs and at far below the cost of the «superior» products.

We use TrueConf for 3 primary purposes: 1) training of new and existing personnel in field offices. 2) HR presentations about health benefits, insurance, etc where a speaker comes to one location but needs to field questions from all locations. 3) meetings between similar divisions in separate physical locations to discuss business strategy and needs.

TrueConf saves us a lot of time and travel, and adds a nice personal touch to what would otherwise be a telephone/conference call. If you have a high quality internal network infrastructure and want to leverage that, not to be reliant on typically less predictable internet/cloud performance, TrueConf is the way to go, for any price.

After the trial run, our decision was made. TrueConf Server is, by far, one of the best solutions we have evaluated. TrueConf helps us to save time and money by scheduling one meeting and delivering the information we need one time instead of traveling to each location and delivering the information in a separate meeting.

Aaron Funk, I/T Operations Manager at Shelter Products, Inc.:

“If you have spent much time looking at video conferencing solutions, you have likely learned very quickly that almost everyone offers a cloud based solution. Most of them are very, very good in a perfect environment, but while you can&t control the reliability and speed of your internet circuit, you can control your own internal network environment. TrueConf is the only product I&ve seen that leverages your internal network with in-house server capabilities, and brings all the flexibility of cloud and internet connected devices. It is a ‘magic bullet’ solution for our environment at any cost, and as it turned out, its cost was far more reasonable that supposed ‘flagship products’ in the market that don&t give you all TrueConf offers. Pair that with outstanding and prompt, courteous support and I cannot recommend TrueConf highly enough.”

Client Testimonial Shelter Products, Inc.

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