Feedback from Rima Group

We are a company guided by our 10 institutional values. The Rima Group is a leader in the production and marketing of silicon-based alloys in Brazil and the only primary magnesium producer in the Southern hemisphere. The final products are manufactured via ISO 9001/2000 processes utilizing Rima’s own high-quality quartz and dolomite reserves as well as renewable carbon biomass from Rima’s own forests.

Founded in 1987, we are a 100% Brazilian Company with 9 offices which are located in different cities. Our meetings were previously made by phone or, in some cases, we had to move staff to the headquarters. So we decided to optimize this process by using video conferencing. Now our offices are connected via a dedicated MPLS network. TrueConf Server is installed in the headquarters in Belo Horizonte-MG/Brasil and now it makes our daily meetings more dynamic and the decision-making process faster.

The choice of TrueConf Server as a software to use was based on the cost benefit. Our top necessity was video conferencing in LAN (intranet), we tested other solutions that used additional hardware, but the cost was too high.

TrueConf Server is an excellent solution for video conferencing with several additional tools and features. They have a very helpful staff that resolves any questions at any time. Excellent product and team.

Daniel Kaukal, Rima Industrial IT Director said: “We are very satisfied with TrueConf software as well as with its technical support. We recommend it.”

Paulo Henrique Silva
Support Team Analyst
Rima Industrial S/A

Client Testimonial by Rima Group.

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