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R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. is an award-winning cultural resource management group with thirty two years of experience in the preservation disciplines. Our contributions in the fields of archeology, architectural history, nautical archeology, applied history, and cultural resource management have been recognized at local, state, and national levels and reflect our commitment to excellence in the compliance process and to preserving our nation's heritage through the development of effective and innovative stewardship approaches.

We currently have 4 offices: Frederick, Maryland; New Orleans, Louisiana; Las Cruces, New Mexico, Lawrence, Kansas. For better communication we needed video conferences.

For a while we were using Skype for video conferencing between offices, which are in different states in the US. While Skype was free to use, it was not guaranteed to work without video/audio issues and it had very limited functionality. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to collaborate among offices and to keep our video/audio conversations private without breaking the bank. Finally after searching for a long time I found TrueConf on the internet and it seemed very promising.

TrueConf product is amazing! It is exactly what we were looking for and allows collaboration features like screen sharing, whiteboard, presentation, and file transfers during the video conference. It is also scalable so that it can grow as our needs grow. Now we use it for staff meetings between offices.

We use existing hardware for our video conferences: laptops, smartphones, and tablets. We don't have yet a dedicated big screen with a high-end camera, but as we use it more we hope to acquire one for each office in the future. We usually do a 1 to 1 conference where a group of employees gathers in the conference room at two of the offices. We will eventually use TrueConf to do company-wide staff meetings by video conferencing the 4 office locations.

TrueConf will improve the way we communicate among co-workers in different offices. It will help for office-wide staff meetings and it will help us reduce travel expenses since we are now able to do training collaboration from a distance.

We would highly recommend TrueConf, it is a great cross-platform product and a very good investment. It is very easy to setup and the client software is very user friendly.

TrueConf is a great and affordable full featured video conferencing solution that has allowed us and will allow us to better collaborate among coworkers among our four offices within the US. Installation and configuration of TrueConf is very easy and straightforward, the video and sound quality are superb, and the collaboration tools are amazingly useful. We strongly recommend this solution.

Rafael Omar Lemus
IT Director of R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc.

Client Testimonial R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc.

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