Feedback from OJSC TNT Broadcasting Network

129272, 57A, Trifonovskaya,
Moscow, Russia.
Tel.: +7 (495) 783-3000

OJSC TNT Broadcasting Network

TNT is a Russian brand name of TNT-Broadcasting Network, one of Russia’s top five federal television networks. By the beginning of 2012 it reached over 104 million people throughout Russia. The network cooperates with 645 partners in 1050 cities in Russia.

We were in urgent need of high-quality audio for conducting video conferencing sessions. Earlier we used speakerphones by Jabra and Plantronics; microphones by various vendors, and separate speakers. We have tested a lot of solutions but, unfortunately, the sound quality and ease of use were far from being perfect.

After testing the Phoenix Audio products paired with video conferencing software by Skype and TrueConf we decided to use Phoenix Audio Quattro 301 and Quattro 304 speakerphones.

Quattro 301 and Quattro 304 speakerphones have shown the outstanding results in terms of ease of connection, and also a great sound capture range, loud speakers, and good echo cancellation qualities, especially when paired with video conferencing solution by TrueConf.

As a result, it became much easier to conduct video conferences. This means that our employees are now feeling more comfortable when using video conferencing, which gave us an opportunity to bring our corporate communications to a new level.

Feedback from OJSC TNT Broadcasting Network

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