Feedback from National Measurement Institute

National Measurement Institute

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is Australia's peak measurement body responsible for biological, chemical, legal, physical and trade measurement.

"We have just completed the National Measurement Institute's Trade Measurement national network rollout. As part of the Federal Government, we have a national footprint that requires contact and collaboration and incorporates a national, 27 region VPN covering the remotest areas of Australia. The network incorporates a mesh network, high performance lab PCs and TrueConf as our desktop conferencing and collaboration system.

The TrueConf solution is fully integrated with our active directory and has performed exceptionally well across links of all sizes – even low bandwidth links in our remotest sites. Users have been very quick to adopt the group conferencing and presentation capabilities – providing us a solid solution for training, recruiting, meetings and bringing our teams together over the vast distances in Australia.

We remain impressed with TrueConf's unique ability to adapt to poor quality ADSL connections and deliver strong capability with minimal complexity and minimal training requirements. Well done on an excellent product.

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