Feedback from Ifakara Health Institute

Ifakara Health Institute,
Plot no.463, Kiko Avenue,
Dar'es Salaam, Mikocheni Office.

Ifakara Health Institute

The Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) conducts a wide range of health-related research activities, including biomedical and environmental studies, trials of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics, health-systems research, and monitoring and evaluation. The institute is organized into six thematic group areas — Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences, Interventions, Health Systems, Impact Evaluation, and Policy Translation and Delivery. Given the nature of work we do and the geographical distribution of our four offices — Dar'es Salaam, Ifakara, Rufiji and Bagamoyo — we realized that we needed a reliable and cost-effective tool to bring people closer. We found TrueConf to be the best tool to facilitate internal meetings, expert's presentations and evaluations. With the installation and use of this tool, thematic group members do not necessarily have to travel to the headquarters (over 400km away) to attend meetings.

The comparative advantage TrueConf facility has is the fact that it runs on our existing internal network and also over MPLS network which connects our branches. We did not want the video traffic to go over the internet as we have limited bandwidth in our institute. TrueConf was easy to install and the support was great during the installation stage. For a non-profit organization, TrueConf is the best choice with an attractive pricing scheme. We recommend other non-profit organizations to try TrueConf. They will not regret.

Yours faithfully,

Mbarwa Kivuyo,
Resource Centre Manager

Client Testimonial Ifakara Health Institute

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