Feedback from Elfab Ltd.

As a global manufacturer of rupture discs, explosion vents and associated detection systems Elfab’s intelligent pressure relief systems protect people, plant, processes and the environment across the globe. With some of the most technically advanced products on the market Elfab deliver unique design, testing and consultancy services for pressure management.

Elfab Limited has offices in the North East of England and in Singapore as well as having a direct presence in Poland, China and Italy.

We needed a solution that allowed us to carry out training and meetings primarily between the UK and Singapore all other solutions we tried used the Internet and as such because of the bandwidth and latency gave us very poor results.

We needed a video conferencing solution that would monopolise our existing point to point MPLS circuit and in doing so would increase performance, resilience and quality. We implemented Trueconf because it monopolised our existing network infrastructure and as such gave us better quality than products that would use the internee. We are satisfied with TrueConf and found that it satisfied our needs at a reasonable cost.

Michael Ward
Elfab Ltd. IT Manager

Client Testimonial by Elfab Ltd.

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