Feedback of Connetics – Electrical Utilities Contractor Christchurch in New Zealand.


Connetics has been running TrueConf Video Conferencing Software about five months now and we have been very pleased with the Software and its performance. Our business consists of a Head Office and five branches and the software has enabled us to improve participation along with direct communication between the six locations. It is now easy to schedule and connect to the sites either directly with individuals at their desk or groups via our formal meeting rooms. This has made it much easier to keep the branches involved and has already reduced travel needs between the various sites. We are also using the conferencing service for multi‐site training presentations and it has proved ideal for undertaking job interviews along with induction training in the branches by HR staff in head office. In addition we are using it for participation in regular operational meetings where participation by staff from other sites was desirable but cost prohibitive because of the travel. We found the Software extremely easy to get up and running with little to no administrative overhead on an on‐going basis. The TrueConf video solution has met our needs successfully to improve participation and reduce travel needs while being easy to setup within our WAN using both formal meeting room environments and individual desktop configurations.

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