Feedback from Chen Harel Behavioral Psychologist

Chen Harel Behavioral Psychologist, Modi'in, Israel, provides psychological treatment for individuals and groups. Video conferencing was needed to provide psychological therapies to patients when and where it's convenient for them. I was looking for a solution which would provide good quality and would be easy to use because I’m a small business and don't have an IT specialist to help us.

I just needed a simple solution so I could reach my patients in a short time and in good quality. I tested Skype for a few months but the quality of sound and video wasn't sufficient.

After wasting a lot of time disconnected from my patients, we finally found TrueConf in an attempt to solve the problems of communication quality. It took us less than 30 minutes to deploy TrueConf Server. With the help of IMAGECOM Company, I got usernames and passwords to use for our patients.

We use video conferencing almost on a daily basis. The use of video conferencing allows us to communicate and treat our patients quickly and effectively without having any of my patients taking the trouble of getting to my clinic. Some of the activities that we do with our clients is in groups, and TrueConf Server solution provides great tools for efficient and convenient collaboration.

Now I have 20 TrueConf Server users and I hope the system will allow us to continue to increase the number of clients and be able to carry out meetings with a large number of patients simultaneously. TrueConf video conferencing system allows me to coordinate more and more meetings with my patients and provides for significant savings in time of patients who have to travel far and look for parking and so on.

I would highly recommend experimenting with TrueConf video conferencing solutions. They really make everything simpler and easier, and even better, I tried and I'm very pleased.

Chen Harel
Behavioral Psychologist

Client Testimonial Chen Harel Behavioral Psychologist

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