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Binh Duong University

The Binh Duong University (BDU) is gradually becoming the interdisciplinary university of economics and ecology. The university cooperates with over 38 other educational institutions in Vietnam, and over the world such as NESE, London South Bank University, Benedictine University, etc.

The more developed a society in general or every person in particular, obviously the more demanded knowledge is. It is the “movement for more developed people”. To enhance knowledge consumption, the importance of education is certainly the top priority. In Vietnam, “developing an educational society” is an important mission for universities and to do this, there is no better alternative than distance education.

Because BDU runs a series of high-quality education cooperation programmes with many educational institutions in Vietnam and many different regions of the world, we need to use video conferencing in distance education.

In all video conferencing systems we tried and applied at BDU and after more than 4 years of using TrueConf Server (TCS) we have come to the conclusion that only TCS provides us with excellent audio quality, FullHD video, highly secured conferencing with industry standard techniques and low support time due to its simplicity. TCS provides all of these in a low cost package helping us to lower the cost for ourselves and our students, improve efficiency and quality of our classes. TrueConf is a part of our education development which contributes to cost reduction.

BDU setup distance learning with TrueConf Video Conferencing system and erased the educational disparity between potential students and people without access to education, allowing the latter to access high quality education; breaking the traditional walls of classroom, bringing lessons to students anytime, anywhere.

We would like to thank TrueConf for providing an amazing piece of software with low total cost of ownership and for your continual support for the past few years. We hope that this relationship keeps flourishing in the future.

Thanh Le / Mr / Dir
Center Audio Visual - Binh Duong University.
Managing distance learning programs in Vietnam.

Client Testimonial by Binh Duong University, November, 2013

Client Testimonial by Binh Duong University, 2016

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