Success Story from Anygraaf Oy

NGO Kades

Anygraaf Oy produces cloud software designed to optimize marketing processes, automate company’s interaction with customers, and improve business relationships. With over 20 years of experience and 15,000 clients, a Finnish company provides service and support to various newspapers, magazines, book publishers, and corporate and government agencies. Successful business management in this sphere would not be possible without efficient technology enhancements to ensure mobility, responsiveness, contemporary appeal, and cost effectiveness.

Anygraaf Oy operates a number of branches in Sweden, the U.S., the Netherlands, Central and South America. One of company’s biggest challenges has been providing communication among distant business units and cutting travel expenses. Anygraaf Oy employees were required to travel between several business branches to discuss and resolve working issues. At the same time, the company wanted to save its investments and decrease travel expenses.As a successful publishing business involved in multiple daily partner meetings, Anygraaf Oy needed a high-quality Unified Communications and collaboration platform, which would become an indispensable assistant for important business discussions and would be easy to implement.

By acquiring TrueConf Server, Anygraaf Oy has finally found a balanced solution to meet diverse needs of the company. TrueConf Server established itself as a perfect video conferencing system operating well even in unstable Internet connection. Now Anygraaf Oy successfully conducts weekly meetings among offices in Finland, Sweden and the USA, as well as daily conversations with colleagues. With TrueConf Server collaboration tools, users can be involved in ideation process right on their work place by showing slides or desktop, chatting with their colleagues or share files.

The managers of the company attest that their video conferencing routine has critically changed since they joined TrueConf. Before choosing TrueConf product, the company tested several video conferencing solutions to optimize its business processes, but neither of them managed to satisfy the employees. TrueConf Server has become a perfect choice for Anygraaf Oy and helped the company’s employees save their time by participating in meetings and communicating with clients electronically on laptop, tablet or phone. A new video conferencing system by TrueConf managed to cut travel costs and critically improve Anygraaf Oy’s workflow. By connecting people all over the world, Anygraaf Oy enhances its business processes and improves communication experience.

Success Story

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