Feedback from American Incorporated

Brian F.,
IT Manager at American Incorporated

Acerican Inc.

Easily integrates with Active Directory - the claimed 15 minute setup is closer to 5 minutes if you read the documentation. Other than that, it works out of the box for both local and remote clients (public IP required).

One issue is inherent in the licensing model, and though understandable is a bit of a bummer - one device login per account. This means that of the authorized users in the Active Directory group, you cannot login simultaneously to a mobile device or tablet while being logged in on a workstation (Mac or Windows). My advanced users are used to the cloud based model of "logged in all the time everywhere" so there is some adjustment required. The other issue is the desktop client looks a bit dated - I'd love to see a Windows 10 style "Universal App" look and feel.

We have 150+ users in our main facility and our Drafting and Engineering Dept is in the northwest corner of a 15 acre campus. The time/distance factor affects communication about complex but quickly resolvable issues - because it takes a 10 minute round trip for a 3 minute discussion, the SOP is to let a half-dozen small issues accumulate, and then knock them all out in a face-to-face with design/drafting/engineering for 30 minutes. That creates a SURPRISING amount of friction in information sharing. Looping shared high resolution drafting workstation screens out into the cloud for sharing 500' down the hall simply doesn't work - having local bandwidth and the proper software makes it a non-issue. Allowing drafters and engineers and project managers (and groups of same) able to to build up and tear down a face to face meeting in three minutes has made a big difference in just the last 30 days.

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