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La Gran Guia S.A
Address: Str. Conquistadores 1700, App. 12, Santiago, Chile
Tel: +56 02 27540710

La Gran Guia S.A.

About La Gran Guia S.A.:

La Gran Guia S.A., a member of El Mercurio enterprise group, delivers the best communications solutions to its customers, and is in a constant search for investment possibilities. It is a strategic partner for companies in Chile, helping them to enhance their business and to deliver the most comprehensive information to users 24 hours a day, via all possible channels. It offers products and content distribution solutions.

La Gran Guia S.A company has branch offices in 6 cities in Chile. To coordinate the work of them and to receive high efficiency of offices’ cooperation, the company CEO Carlos Zazo decided to conduct video meetings with branch offices every week.

We tried phone conferencing but it was not the solution. We needed more involvement and contact. That is why we made a decision that video conferencing is better for us.

We tested Skype, Camfrog, Google Hangout and others, but they had servers in USA.

We have a LAN connection connecting the offices and 1 WAN connection in the central office.

As we have 100Mbit national speed and 20Mbit international speed in total, we need some video conferencing system to work in LAN and in low bandwidth connection.

If we use Google Hangout, the traffic uses the international connection and we get video of very low quality and speed. We found TrueConf, it was software, worked in LAN and had high resolution video.

“We are very satisfied with the product purchased, as we meet the needs of our company. In Chile the networks are separate national network and international bandwidth. TrueConf is perfect working on internal network connection in our company and helps us to supervise branch offices daily operations and make it better.”

Client Testimonial La Gran Guia S.A.

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