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Acadia Federal Credit Union

Acadia Federal Credit Union is a widely distributed chain of financial institutions with 5 branch offices and over 50 employees. We use video conferencing to communicate important information to all our staff as well as have weekly manager's meetings between all our locations. We always enjoyed face-to-face approach compared to an email or phone call. It gives you a slightly more personal feel to each meeting.

After trying out a few free video conferencing tools, we noticed the quality degrading as we added more branches. We knew there were only so many adjustments we can do with the free tools so we went searching for something we had more control over. That's when we stumbled on TrueConf. TrueConf Server can be set up internally and personalized to your organizational needs.

We contacted TrueConf staff for a trial run and in a matter of a few minutes of installing the trial, we were up and running! The quality of the audio was outstanding, nice and clear with no robotic noise. The video was just as stellar. We also enjoyed all the extras that came with it such as, Screen Sharing (great for staff training), Whiteboard, Instant Messaging and File Transfers. A feature that also came in handy later was the ability to record and store our meetings for future viewings.

After the trial run, our decision was made. TrueConf Server is, by far, one of the best solutions we have evaluated. TrueConf helps us to save time and money by scheduling one meeting and delivering the information we need one time instead of traveling to each location and delivering the information in a separate meeting.

Charles Pelletier, Information Technology Specialist at Acadia Federal Credit Union: “We chose TrueConf for its ease of use, its secure communications and because you don't need special hardware to run it. To top it off, the quality of the call is superb! It is truly a business grade solution at the highest level. I highly recommend TrueConf if you're looking for a video conference solution for your business.”

Client Testimonial Acadia Federal Credit Union

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