A New Version of TrueConf Mobile for Android OS Released

07 October 2014

TrueConf Mobile for Android 1.2.2

We are proud to introduce a new version of the mobile client application TrueConf Mobile 1.2.2 for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Users will experience the convenience of switching between calls, chats and call history. The new interface reflects current solution trends for unified communications and allows to communicate with multiple subscribers on different communication channels. Also, in the new version of the app users can express their personality by adding their own avatar.


New features of TrueConf Mobile 1.2.2 for Android OS:

  • Added support for user avatars.
  • Added finding your friends by e-mail and phone number in the contact list. You can send an invitation to join you in the TrueConf Mobile to your friends.
  • Improved application interface outside the conference.
  • Improved search of the nearest servers and improved connection speed have a positive effect on the quality of connection.
  • Reduced battery consumption.

Communicate with colleagues, partners, relatives and friends wherever you are and on any channel, including 3G/4G network due to embedded support for our proprietary scalable VP8 SVC video encoding technology.

We remind you that TrueConf is one of the few companies worldwide that provide free (up to 3 participants) multipoint video conferencing for Android devices. Appreciate the benefit right on your smartphone or tablet while on the go or on a business trip.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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