Virtual Meeting in TrueConf Mobile Applications

Alexander Galvita
May 20, 2014
Alexander Galvita

TrueConf for iOS - Virtual MeetingTrueConf mobile clients are video conferencing applications for mobile devices running on Android or iOS allows you to organize all kinds of personal and multipoint conferences absolutely free. The main advantage of this application is its portability. You can call your colleagues or friends directly from your tablet or smartphone, even while on the road. The application works in 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks, so you can always be in touch!

In addition, users can log in to the application through popular social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Vkontakte.

It takes less than a minute to organize a role-based conference on Android or iOS devices. Learn from the instructions below on how to do it quickly and correctly.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Role Conference on Android Devices

Step 1: Creating a Conference

To do this, go to the Address Book, tap on “Conference – Create” button below the names of the participants:
TrueConf for Android - Creating a Conference

Step 2: Adding Users

In the window that opens, select “Role conference”. Select members you want to add to the conference from the Address Book. Tap the “Add members” button:
Adding Participants to Virtual Meeting

Step 3: Starting Conversation in Virtual Meeting Mode

After selecting all the necessary participants, tap “Create” button. The conference window will open immediately, displaying all the participants.

During a virtual meeting, all participants can act as speakers or send audio messages. Press “Take Podium” icon to speak at the podium during a virtual meeting:

Virtual Meeting on Android Tablet
To stop the broadcast, tap this icon again.

Icon audioreplika to the left of the “Take Podium” icon allows you to leave audio remarks and acts as Push-to-Talk button. This icon is inactive when you act as a Speaker at the podium.

You can invite new participants directly to ongoing virtual meeting.

Virtual Meeting on iOS

Step 1: Go to the Address Book

Go to the Address Book and click “New Group Conference” button:

TrueConf for iOS - Address Book

Step 2: Select the Type of Conference

In the window that opens, enter the name of your future conference, select “Role” and click “Create” button:

Creating a Role Conference

Step 3: Invite the Participants to the Conference

Once you’ve created a conference, a window will open. By clicking on the “Members” you will see the subscribers who are to participate in your conference. A video window marked with a star The Host is yours:

Inviting Users to Role Conference on iPad

To invite new members, click the Invite button. An address book will open right after. Click on the name of the necessary user. Buttons appear next to user’s name. You can invite users to the conference by clicking on their names and then clicking on the “Call” button.

Step 4: Taking Podium During a Virtual Meeting

You are free to invite a participant to take podium. To do this, click the invite a participant to take podium icon in his/her window. If participant accepts your offer to act as a speaker, you will see the stop broadcasting of the participant icon in his window.

You can stop the broadcasting of the participant by clicking that icon. And by clicking on the yellow button you can stop broadcasting his video signal stop broadcasting the users video signal.

If you want to remove a participant from a conference, click on the icon with a cross on it Remove Participant From Conference.

How to take the podium if you are a conference attendant

Press “On Podium” button on your video to take the podium:

If you are taking the podium, all the conference participants can see and hear you. To stop broadcasting, click “Not Casting”:

How to make an audio remark?

To make an audio remark, press the human icon and start talking:

The audio remark lasts for 3 seconds. The number of audio remarks is unlimited.

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