TrueConf Server Integration with Slack

Alina Krukova
February 27, 2017
Alina Krukova
Slack app is no longer supported by TrueConf server version 4.4.0 or newer

TrueConf Server 4.3.8+ supports integration with Slack group messaging platform. If you do not have a full version of TrueConf Server, download TrueConf Server Free, a free version of our solution, which also supports Slack integration:

Setting Slack Integration

To integrate TrueConf Server with Slack you will need:

  • Installed TrueConf Server or TrueConf Server Free instance with users registered on it. Use our guide on how to install TrueConf Server in 15 minutes.
  • Internet access to TrueConf Server under DNS name. Use our instruction on how to setup global server address.
  • Commercial SSL certificate for this domain name. Unfortunately, self-signed certificate does not work with this option.
During TrueConf Server integration with Slack, a secure SSL connection which maintains privacy and confidentiality of all the conference participants is established. The users are invited to join the conference automatically by matching Slack users’ emails with TrueConf Server users on the TrueConf Server side.

After you have completed these steps, “Add to Slack” button will appear in Add-ons tab on TrueConf Server control panel:

Click “Add to Slack” to proceed to Slack settings webpage. In “Post to” field, choose any channel in drop-down list and press “Authorize”:

Click “Add to Slack” to proceed

To make sure the connection has been established, get back to Add-ons tab and check if your Slack team is connected to the server:

Getting started with Slack integration

Proceed to any Slack channel and enter /trueconf (this command launches internal conference available only for TrueConf Server users) and /trueconf_webinar (this command launches public conference or webinar available for TrueConf Server users and guests or external users):

After you have entered the command, you will receive a notification about a group conference started on TrueConf Server. You can join or invite participants to the conference by clicking on “Join the Conference” or “Call Everybody” buttons:

To invite all members of your channel to the group conference, press “Call Everybody”. All the members will be invited to join the conference via their TrueConf Client application.

Those users who have not installed TrueConf Client application can enter group conference by clicking “Join the conference”. You will be directed to a webpage where you can join the conference using your browser (via WebRTC), temporary TrueConf client application for your OS, or existing video conferencing endpoint in your meeting room:

Advanced Features

Public conferences or webinars

To create public conference you will need to install Public web conferences add-on on TrueConf Server:

Learn more about how to activate this option in our guide.

How to automatically invite all the participants into a group conference

To automatically invite all the participants into a group conference by clicking “Call Everybody”, you need to ensure that user emails registered on Slack are the same as user emails registered on TrueConf Server. It is also required that all the users have installed and authorized in TrueConf Client application. Otherwise, users will not be automatically invited into the conference and can participate in the conference only by clicking “Join the conference”.

How to disconnect the add-on?

You can find the instruction on how to disconnect Slack from TrueConf Server in Add-on tab:

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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