What is TrueConf ID?

Alexander Galvita
November 16, 2014
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

Today we will answer, perhaps, the most frequently asked questions from our customers – What is TrueConf ID? Where is it used? And what should you do with it?

TrueConf ID

Surely every Internet user has underwent a procedure of registration and authorizing on a certain website at least once.

The procedure usually includes filling out a short form and creating an original login and password (a combination of letters and numbers, designed to confirm the identity of the user).

TrueConf ID is the login of the user account. However, in TrueConf it is also used to make personal and group video calls.

Creating a TrueConf ID During Registration

TrueConf ID is created in process of registration and is used for authorizing in the program.

To register, go to http://trueconf.com/login and click on Sign up or click on tab at trueconf.com:

Personal Area

You will see the page of the individual registration. The very first field is for the TrueConf ID:

TrueConf Online - Registration Form

You can come up with a unique name, which will be used to address the calls. TrueConf ID can not be changed in the future!

TrueConf ID consists of two parts — the unique name that you came up with, and the suffix @trueconf.com.

For example, if your name is James Bond and you were born in 1980, you may try the following TrueConf ID: jamesbond1980. Thus, your full TrueConf ID will be jamesbond1980@trueconf.com.

Note! TrueConf ID is not an e-mail address! However, if you enter an email address in the address bar in TrueConf Online, the person will get a notification to this addess, inviting him to register in the application. At the same time, if you send an email to a TrueConf ID, it will not go anywhere.

Entering TrueConf ID During Authorization

After the registration, you need to enter your TrueConf ID (you may use only the first part, before @trueconf.com) provided during registration and password in the appropriate fields and click “OK” to authorize in TrueConf Online:

TrueConf Online Login

Adding a New Contact to the Address Book Using TrueConf ID

To communicate with others using video calls and group conferencing, you need to have them in your Address Book.

If a user decided to hide his/her name and e-mail in the profile settings (“Edit Profile” > “Directory Listing” in “Personal Area”), you can only add him/her if you know his/her TrueConf ID.

In you contact list, select the Address Book icon, click on “Add contact“. In the dialog box, enter the contact ID and his name, and then click on “Add”:


You can also call the user without the Address Book by entering his/her TrueConf ID in the address bar of the application:


TrueConf ID for the Users of TrueConf Server

Unique TrueConf ID’s for the users of TrueConf Server are created by the administrator.

All the user information, including TrueConf ID, will be displayed in the “User Accounts” tab in the Web Manager.

To create a new account on the server, you need to go to “User Accounts” and click on “Add User”:

Add user

TrueConf ID

Note! TrueConf Server users’ ID’s will have the suffix of their server, as shown in the example — @tutorials.trueconf.name.

TrueConf ID must be used for authorizing in TrueConf Client application:

TrueConf Client Login

Failed to Login?

If you have entered wrong password or TrueConf ID, after pressing the “OK” button you will see the following window:

Incorrect TrueConf ID

To resolve this issue, contact your administrator. If such problem occurs when you try tolog in to TrueConf Online, please contact our customer support at support@trueconf.com.