Symmetric Group Conference with TrueConf for OS X

Alexander Galvita
October 30, 2013
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

TrueConf for OS X is designed for personal and group conferences of various types. Free features available for all the users include not only one-on-one video calls, but 3-way group conferencing too. To organize a symmetric conference for more participants (the limit is 9 users), you have to acquire a Plan, which includes a number of additional features.

The Abilities of the Participants to a Group Conference, Organized on OS X:

  • The Host (conference administrator) may invite and remove participants from the conference;
  • The conference owner can allow all users on the server to automatically join the conference;
  • Participants who were not invited to the conference’s Host, can join independently. If you are a member of a corporate group, go to the Address Book and simply left click the user name (or the name of the conference) marked with an asterisk;
  • Users can send each other text messages in general and in personal chat.
  • The conference participants may leverage “Slide Show” and “Screen Sharing” tools.

Now, we suggest you to try to organize a conference on the symmetric group, several participants in the application TrueConf OS X.

Step 1: Create an Event

To create a group conference, sign in to the client application and click the conference icon (at the bottom of the Address book):

Clicking this button opens a window where you can choose the type of a conference. In this case we should choose “Symmetric”:

Step 2: Select the Participants from the Address Book and Start the Conference

The Address book will open. Select from the list of online users those you want to invite to the conference. To this, click once on the name of the necessary user. The selected users will become highlighted in blue. After selecting all participants, click “Create” to start a video conference:

Notification of the current conference, new messages and missed calls

The notification sign will be displayed during the conference next to the “Add new participants” button:

List of participants

You will see notifications of new messages and missed calls to the right of Chat and Call history icons as well as in your Address book (notifications will be displayed next to the user who called you or sent you a message):

Joining the conference automatically

To allow all users on the server to automatically join the conference without requesting permission, the owner need to enable the feature on the server. To this purpose, click the button to the right of the field “Accept autoentering” in the conference Settings:

Accept autoentering

The video layout control

You can change the video layout during a group conference. All types of layouts are presented in the section “Video window layout” on the Toolbar:

Full screen – the selected user is displayed in full screen, all other participants are hidden;


Enlarged window of the selected user – enlarged window of the selected user, while all other windows remain untouched;


All windows are of the same size – all windows are of the same size.


You can also view participants outside the boundaries of the conference window by simply dragging the necessary window to the side:

Collaboration tools

In this section, users can select such tools as Text chat, Slide Show or Screen Sharing:

Collaboration tools

Click the corresponding button to write a message, run a slide show or share your screen.